Thursday 22 February 2018
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Your Child Got A Running Nose Problem? 4 Homemade Remedies To Cure!

You know the reason behind your child’s runny nose? Yes, he is too young and plays outside, might have caught cold playing in rain or might be some other reason. But don’t take it too lightly as you may think. I am not saying to consult a doctor or do some heavy expenses but just trying to say that this is a basic step to the upcoming symptoms like the headache, coughing etc. but, no need to worry about running nose, as this is common among the small kids and they usually come in contact with the infected person. But too you need to take care to prevent any further problems.

This doesn’t mean that you stop your kids from playing outside or keeping them always in safe zone. Than how will your children grow? And how will your child’s stamina become strong. It’s common among the children of this age, so just tryout with home remedies, so that you can help your kid overcome his runny nose;

1.Salt Water

Salt water is the best medicine for runny nose, as this stimulates the cells of nose, and helps in better secretion of mucus. The salt kills the bacteria, which causes the improper functioning of the nose cells and it is the best solution for your children as it is safe and natural;

  • Mix the salt in warm water, in a considerable amount.
  • Stir it well and using a dropper put a drop in the nostrils of your nose.
  • Inhale the dropped dips, and blow from your nose out to remove the mucus present in the nose.
  • Do it a couple of times to make your nose clear
  • Repeat the same procedure for some days


Steam is also considered as the best ingredient because the bacteria causing runny nose cannot sustain the temperature and is killed by the steam. The steam removes the excess of mucus leading to sustainable balance of mucus in the nose glands.

  • Boil the water in a cup or bigger cup
  • When the water starts to boil, remove it as soon as possible.
  • Keep the cup on the ground and keep your face above it with certain distance above the cup desirable for you.
  • Place a blanket over you, so that the steam doesn’t pass away
  • Hold in the same position till you can
  • You will find in this process excess of mucus is falls down in form of drops
  • After this process, you will feel comfortable and easy

Repeat the same procedure for 3 times every day, till your kid has got complete rid of the mucus or the runny nose.


Turmeric is an effective natural home remedy for most of the problems including for the cold and running nose. It is preferred with milk, water or even oil. It has properties like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory etc. a property which makes it special to get rid of cold is antibacterial, this property makes it to kill the bacteria causing cold and running nose in your kids. Even having turmeric powder with milk daily can make your kid’s health stronger and improvement in his immune system

  • 2 teaspoons of turmeric is mixed with a cup of linseed oil.
  • This mixture is placed over a furnace and remain still till it starts boiling
  • The smoke eliminated from this should be inhaled in order to kill the bacteria causing running nose.
  • Repeat the same procedure for 3 times and follow the same procedure every day.
  • You can also consume turmeric one teaspoonful daily to prevent such problems
  • Also can drink milk or water with one teaspoonful of turmeric.


You must be familiar with the ginger; you consume it regularly with your food, also considered as the best home remedy since ages. Even this has some special properties like anti-inflammatory, antifungal etc which help in killing the runny nose causing bacteria.

  • Ginger can be directly consumed by chewing small pieces with salt
  • Even ginger tea is the best solution for running nose.
  • Boiled water with ginger and taking the vapor of it is also a solution.
  • It is a multiple use natural ingredient, but a strong ingredient to control the running nose in your kid.

These are the best home remedies which you can consume daily without any worries of side effects, even your kid is not infected by consuming these products he will never suffer with any health related problems in the future.