Thursday 22 February 2018
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When things don’t work out: who knows-is it good or bad?

Life is amazing: isn’t it? When things don’t work out we blame ourselves, in extreme we eve curse ourselves- what a useless life we have and all such stuff! We lose the ability to control our mental balance and even at times we start getting angry and shout at others for this reason. Hold for a minute- was it so important than the relation you’ve maintained for such a long time or was it just because it didn’t go on in the way you wished to! In life we often come across ups and downs; maybe even this is one among that! Life isn’t that you will always be down but life is to grow up when you fall totally down and it is about the challenge you need to face and challenge it and say: I will try it once again! Or even before you say this life must have opened for you another gate through which something good for you and better than the previous one! Have you ever thought about this? No! You’ll never because you’re busy in blaming on the past and not looking up for the present and future- I say this because most of the people do this and even I did this!

I had a short story of mine when once I blamed my comates in a football match where they missed the goal. I, being a captain of the team was supposed to be my duty to cheer them up but I did the total opposite of it until I realized about what I did! You know why? Because the same person scored 2 goals later and made my team win. Here a scenario was created in front of me with total regret- which  did was total wrong and didn’t have the guts even to stand in front of him! How would I show up? When he was the reason for our success and I blamed him just because of one failure. It’s true – that he had made a small failure and that was my failure where I blamed him for that but later realized-no! he is the one who was my man for success. So does happen in life of everyone’s that at the beginning we achieve bad failure but once we are consistent and do up with that we never fail but instead we bloom based on the failure we survived in the previous incident. We never know whether the failure we achieved previously was good or bad. Instead, we always think that the failure is bad and never take it positively! There are les people who find positive and always welcome it with a smile. For instance- my example – if I would have just said nothing and stood still, he would come to me and say sorry, but when I showed him my frustration he got anger instead of getting sorry. This is how the life is about!

What to do than when there comes a failure after failure?

This is quite common because the simple answer is you’re not learning from your previous failure! Have you ever tried studying where you had gone wrong! And what was the reason for which you had to suffer such a failure? No one ever thinks about it- because they need to remove time from their busy schedule of blaming themselves or others! So I say- onto think about the past but pick up the points which can be useful to you to build up the future.

You must have seen a building- how they build it! They keep bricks upon bricks and they start constructing one level after the other building- lets extract an example from this now- here, the building is standing upon its own – but how? Yeah, yeah the base is strong and all such stuff! But the main reason? The reason is its engineering- the calculations and the technique used to balance the building so that it doesn’tcollapse. The upper levels are dependent on the lower levels. So is our life- our future is dependent on our past, but not the waste from the past but the calculations i.e. the reasons for the failure. So know the reasons for your failure first and take care in the near future never to commit the same, but if you commit the future will also be the same as your past!