Thursday 18 January 2018
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What Can We Really Do To Achieve True Happiness?

If I am right, no one has achieved a perfect happiness till now. All live in a dream and have short term happiness. They say that happiness is achieved due to the external achievement gaining them a high amount of happiness, but not for long. Happiness is not actually what people think of such type. But, it is majorly coming from our internal source that is the internal happiness. When we are stable and satisfied we are happy with what we have. Some people think that happiness is only achieved by earning money, fame and through many other related sources. No, this totally false, fun can be achieved but not happiness which is achieved only when we are self satisfied about what we are, what we have.

A happy person will not demand anything from you or will not fight with you for stupid reasons: he will have understood who he is and what life is about. Earning money, you may make fun but that leads to ego, jealousy. This doesn’t come in a man who is truly happy and self-satisfied man. He may not have proper clothes but he is mentally happy and not expecting anything. People feel comfortable to speak to such people because their words are of happiness and precious as diamonds. They have a different character and always a smile on their faces with no desire to harm anyone or make enmity. Such people are very rare to find in the society where everyone is behind money having a wrong prescription that it makes them happy. It’s not bad to make money but it’s bad to make money and you being not happy. This life is short and this short life if you cannot be happy than there is no meaning of this beautiful life. So please think as here will be shortlisted with certain things of how you can keep yourself happy, mostly its related to the habits you practice and the things you carryon. Happy- a short phrase but very deep meaning. If a talk about happiness is started it’s not the end. Happiness is hidden inside the memories, when an incident flashes or comes through and you suddenly smile that’s how you become happy and you become fresh at that moment. See, these small things make you happy. Yes, the big things too make you happy but they are temporary not so as a simple memory brought you so deep happiness and this memory is your cause of happiness til the end of the life. Try making decisions correct, that is true or false, and start accepting it. When you accept the truth and speak it out you feel like you have achieved something and you feel happy which remains for longer time. You develop yourself respect by accepting what is truth and speaking the truth. Some people are happy knowing about their self respect and if that is hurt, they feel depressed. For this reason follow some of the steps to keep yourself fresh and always in a state of happy and to make people happy around you:


Get up early morning, and exercise so to keep yourself whole day fresh and keep your body fit. It is simple, when there is any body defect or mentally stressed you can never be happy. So, first important basic thing is to be fit, than you can be fit to be happy.


It is important to be mentally fresh all times, so the best solution for such a issue is to meditate. When we close our eyes and concentrate we feel on our forehead that something is scratching or the formation of dot type is felt. The forehead responsible for our anger, tolerance, concentration increases the metabolism of the brain muscles and the cells present start being in action and get activated. This is continued for the whole day which makes your day a better day.

Concentrate On The Words You Speak

We spend the whole day mostly with the people of business, friends, and family. In certain time of tension we come across, that unknowingly we say some harsh words to the person. So, please avoid such circumstances because that will lead into a tension later. You will start thinking, I shouldn’t have done it. So avoid it before you commit any such mistakes and avoiding and thinking it before doing such mistakes. Not only spoils the relations but also spoils the mental stability leading to be unhappy.

There are many such reasons or ways through which you can be happy but first say to yourself once that you are satisfied with what you have and check with the effect you have. You start feeling good and happy. Be happy, only one life to live, why should you waste it!