Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Value What You Have: 4 Tips That You Won’t Regret To Follow

Do you really value with what you have or demand for some extra in life? Yes, it’s a human nature to wish for something extra in life apart from what we have. But, just think what the people do when they don’t even have what you have got. Should they start wishing for more or be happy in what they have got. Yes, they are happy in what they have so even you should learn to be. I am not saying that don’t develop yourself, don’t become a millionaire. Get my point what I am saying—I am saying be in a realistic world. Don’t dream of impossible things. Yes, dream for much bigger but only dream when you can reach to that level and gain on your will what you wish for. But, till then be simple and be happy in what you are.

It’s not a bad sign of dreaming but getting lost yourself in the dreams is a threat to you. You may even lose what you have right now and later start thinking— I took a wrong step. So before you commit a mistake just follow my words and be happy in what you have, don’t listen to people when they show you dreams of getting a big car and all stuff. They all are bullshit! This is life and it only depends on the hard work you perform. But, not only physically also mentally. You can see a cab driver, he is involved in whole day work but does he earn more than a software developer? Have you ever thought why that is so? Let’s keep our topic aside for a moment and just think over it! I am just trying to show you the path that if you are dreaming of something big than what working hard really means. Your metal ability has the highest price paid—so here comes a wonderful quote work smarter not harder! Now, on self sufficient or value what you have—you know why they say so? Because it’s your fruits or it’s the earning you have made from your hard work. First you need to appreciate yourself of your hard work then others will do. If you itself regret it and insult saying what the shit I am here with? You are insulting your work and the sweat you wasted to earn it. Some people don’t even have the luck as you are to be what you are today. Appreciate it! And then watch for yourself. You will be the happiest man on this earth. Every bear you drink, you feel like you are having it in a star hotel served in royal.

Learn to be keep yourself with the below given points to be self satisfied. I have seen people searching for happiness around the world. I laugh at them sometimes! Don’t be shocked. But, you know the truth – where is the real happiness? Nah. Not in neither the branded shirts you wear nor the branded wine you drink—but it’s just within you. See for the below points you will get to know by yourself:

1.A Changed Perspective on Life

There will be a point of time in your life when you start feeling—why am I earning? And what for? Just to keep up with the luxury life I dream for? Then what next? Wow! So many questions? This is the point of changed perspective of life or a turning point. You start becoming self satisfied and you will surely say to yourself– I am the happiest man in the world.

2.Life is Transient; Make it Worthwhile

Have you ever thought to yourself—what is losing someone very special to you mean? Now, just think what does it care for you when something bad happens to you? Is it the possessions you hold or the love ones? Yes, off course your love ones. So, at a point you recognize that the possessions you hold you leave here but the love never goes in vain, it follows you and be with you. Working for extra hours without giving extra time for your loved ones—is it a justice to yourself and the people who love you the most? So make it worthwhile by being happy with what you are and what you have.

3.Lean into Life

I realized we have three choices in how we approach life and life’s events: we can either go with the flow (i.e. lean back), walk away (quit), or make the most of it (lean in).

Lean in is the best option I choose for, thinking about it again and again is of no use but instead be happy spending time with the people who love you, you will make the best of it.

4.Choose To Be Happy

I choose to help others even if they don’t ask for it. I choose to take care of myself. I choose to be around people who add to my life and ignore those who don’t. Just try doing this as I did—you will never regret but be happy and make others happy. I choose to experiment with new things and constantly evolve myself, my life, and my work. I make time for my hobbies. Life is once, do you know what’s next after this life? No, right? So be happy with what you have, happy is not about what richness you have outside but it is about what richness you have within yourself, within your heart. Try being once and better know for yourself.