Thursday 18 January 2018
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Use These 7 Amazing Tricks, To Look Slimmer Without Having To Hit The Gym


Everybody wants to look slim. Slimness, in today’s world, is associated with beauty, so you wouldn’t be wrong, if you wanted to appear slim. However, not all of us are blessed with a perfect, slim body. There are many articles and guides out there which advise you on how you can lose weight and slim down, but what if you don’t have the time or energy for exercise?

It’s a likely scenario. In the modern world, where things are moving at an incredible pace and where we are swamped with deadlines and other time-bound jobs, not all of us have the time to go jogging, or swimming, or to the gym. So, what you need is a quick fix, a trick, which will help you look slimmer at that party you need to attend tomorrow. Well, if that’s what you want, then you’ve come to the right place! Read on to find 7 amazing tricks and tips, which will make you look significantly slimmer, fast.

  1. Wear clothes with vertical stripes

One of the best ways to look taller and skinnier, is by wearing clothes which have a vertical stripe pattern – this applies especially clothes covering your top half, which usually tends to look bulkier in most people. The vertical stripes create an illusion of length and slenderness, and it works like a charm! However, it might not work very well if the stripes are very narrow. Try to wear broad stripes in contrasting colours. That should do a good job, and make you look chic, skinny, and fanta-bulous!

  1. Draw attention away from your figure

Another great trick you can use, is accessories. With the help of accessories such as long necklaces, you can draw the attention away from your figure, which should make you appear generally skinnier. So, wear a long, trailing necklace which falls down to mid-chest length, and you’re set! However, if you’re going to a formal event, it might be wise to not pair it with an outfit which exposes too much cleavage, for obvious reasons. Save those for a wild girl’s night out with the girlfriends, instead.

  1. Wear clothes and accessories which make you look taller

Length and slimness are directly proportional, from a visual perspective. So, if you look taller, you will automatically look slimmer. You can use this to your advantage by wearing stuff such as long cardigans, coats, short tops with long bottoms, scarves and necklaces. All these clothes make the wearer appear taller than they really are. So, that extra-long cardigan which you’d been avoiding for years can finally be pulled out from the hidden corner of your wardrobe!

  1. Wear loose fitting clothes

Most people are under the misconception that wearing body-hugging clothes will make them look slimmer. It does not. Tailored clothes which hug you in the right places will make you look slimmer, not tight ones. All tight clothes do, is accentuate your body size, as it’s visible that the clothes are really tight on you.

That’s enough about tight clothes. To look slimmer, you should try wearing baggy tops, or loose dresses with a cinch around the waist. It’ll create an illusion of slimness, and it’ll look really good, too! So, throw on a flirty, loose dress for that lunch date with Mr. Right! His eyes will never leave you.

  1. Invest in some Shapewear

It really works. Underclothes which tightly hug your body and smoothen out your figure while also hiding bulges, are truly god’s gift to womankind. The wonders of Spanx are all over the internet, and they’re not there without any reason. So, invest in some good shapewear, and you’ll never regret it.

  1. Wear low-cut shoes with high heels

By high, I don’t mean sky-high, so you don’t need to worry about being a doddering stork in six inch heels, but anything over two inches should work beautifully to your advantage. Heels firstly make you appear taller, which, as I said, also makes you appear slimmer. Secondly, high heels make your legs look slimmer. Another great idea is to go for shoes which have a low cut. That is, shoes which cover only your toes, as opposed to covering half (or more) of your feet. Not only do these look sharper and sexier, but they also create the illusion of slimness.