Thursday 18 January 2018
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Turmeric: Nature’s Gift As A Potent Medicine

Turmeric that is found to be in yellowish color is used as a spice in various dishes for food by all mothers. They even say that it is a nature’s gift to us used in all field includes cooking. Yes, you must remember when you get hurt; your mom applies a yellowish paste that is turmeric. Nowadays, even the fairness products are made of turmeric cream which is widely used and it’s effective. Even we naturally apply the turmeric cream paste to our face to give a glow. See, the multiple uses of this wonderful cream just for the basic home requirement. It is even scientifically proved that helps in curing many diseases. Written, back in ayurveda we can find different variety of uses in medical field. Here are a list of medical applications important to know;

Medicinal Properties of Turmeric

1.Fat soluble

Fats are not easily digested in the digestion system, so it creates a problem to stomach causing various problems of stomach. The best option to get rid of it is adding turmeric to fat containing eatables. Meat is the maximum fat containing meal, so prefer adding turmeric to this eatable. This helps you to enjoy your food and also no problems to the digestion. Especially, to the people who are meat loving and consume meat frequently.

2.An able warrior

It aids an extra support to the defense system of our body fighting the foreign bodies entering. This is due to the anti-inflammatory property. We all know that we are surrounded by millions of bacteria. So, inflammation is very necessary to our body for the sake of protection from these bacteria. When we get cough, or such similar problems, a simple home remedy is given to us to take a spoon of turmeric directly. Did u know the reason? It’s only because of itsanti-inflammation property. The best medicine I prefer with no consultation fees to a doctor. The best part is it doesn’t has any side effects.

3.Skin Care

Turmeric is a powerful anti-oxidant, it prevents our body from aging and glows the skin. The reason for these problems is the presence of free radicals. It processes an oxidant property most likely to be responsible for aging such type properties. So prevent it, by making mask of turmeric on face, and also consuming it daily. The curcumin present in turmeric has the property of reactivating itself as an anti-oxidant property and making it more powerful. This has a unique property and neutralizes these free radicals. These are important to be neutralized because they react with the proteins and DNA. So, if neutralized body Is safe and a better skin can be preserved.

4.Prevents depression

In today world most of the people undergo depression due to many reasons. This depression affects the neurotrophic factor, and shrinking in hippocampus. This affects the process of learning, understanding and remembering things. But curcumin is an excellent antidepressant. It reduces the risk of depression and booming the brain indirectly. These neurotrophes play a important role for our intelligence but the so called tension or depression doesn’t allow them to grow instead shrinks them, making people to forget things, not able to learn or grasp things.

5.Dangerous diseases prevented!

Diseases of which everyone is afraid nowadays like the heart related, cancer and Alzheimer’s diseasecan be avoided by this special compound called curcumin. It acts only as the prevention technique or tool but not a cure. It just reduces the possibility or risk of having such diseases. This anti-oxidant and inflammation properties are the only reason. In some cases even the roots are also utilized for the same process.

6.External aiding properties

At times when we were small, I remember that my applied me turmeric cream whenever I got wounds on my hand or leg. Sometimes, used to wonder, why? Later I could see the wonders of healing property of turmeric. A natural herb with so many properties. Unbelievable sometimes.

7.Absorption of black pepper

Main component of turmeric powder is curcumin. It is not digested in the digestion system. So we need to consume pepper salt (piperine) with it to digest curcumin. The only disadvantage found our digestive system cannot absorb it.

But, yes, it is used in every type of industry starting from our kitchen to the most popular medical industry. True, mothers say it’s a nature gift to us in form of medicine or even eatable.