Thursday 18 January 2018
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Troubled by not getting sleep- Try out these Do’s and Don’ts, you need to follow!

Many of us complain about having a bad sleep or say that I Don’t get sleep at all!

They don’t know the reason and are in search of a good sleep as it makes them obviously tired on thinking what needs to be done and what it takes to get a good sleep!

It’s the real first question which most of us have in their minds!


So what needs to be done?

I have seen people that they start even going for pills in order to get sleep and these pills become a habit for some as they start consuming them and feel that only the pills can help them to get good sleep.


But, it isn’t true!

These pills will cause you a dangerous effect in the near future and are even dangerous to your health.

So, at fist forget about the pills and don’t even think about taking them or else you’ll be in a lot of trouble later.

This I am saying because I have an example with me on a person whom I meant as my best friend and was a real close friend to me.

It so happened with him that he faced a serious problem and he had to be diagnosed strictly. The pills had taken him so deep that he couldn’t get sleep a single day when he used to not take these pills but when he started consuming them for a year or so- they showed their effects causing damage to various parts of the body and especially his brain. He had been in a coma when he once consumed a number of pills and this came to a matter of life and death to him causing pain to everybody who loved him.


He started taking the pills when he was under a pressure about his business and this habit of his followed him even when the pressure totally vanished away!


So, you can use some of the easy tricks and avoid such things which will help you get good sleep, not every time is the pills correct option but you need to give a try for some natural things too. I have a video for you which will tell you on things which you need to avoid in order to get a pleasant sleep-

This video is really resourceful because it tells you a basic thing on how to get sleep in a minimum amount of time and which if you follow- I promise you that, you’ll be enjoying your sleep in a more pleasant way!

Yes, the first important thing about avoiding electronic gadgets and especially mobiles around your bed should be followed as they are the ones which cause disrupt in your sleep. Some experts say, that your brain is affected on sleeping with electronic gadgets at your side.

Even I do feel the same- because I’ve tried it many times and I felt good sleeping without any gadgets around me.

The next most important thing which you need to do is to follow this-

Try working out or doing some yoga before you going to bed.

You must’ve heard about Yoga- one of the popular ancient exercises done in India. This practice is really helpful for you to get a sound and good sleep as it will refresh your brain and soul which keeps your brain calm and keeps it away from any types of stress and disappointments- these are some of the enemies for the people who don’t get sleep.

People have money, prosperity and everything they wish to but yet still don’t have a pleasant life and it’s just because they don’t get a pleasant sleep.