Thursday 22 February 2018
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Troubled By Bunions? 5 Exercises You Can Follow At Home

Not everyone might be suffering from this problem, but beware you can develop this problem by your usual habits. So, better improve these habits before you develop symptoms of bunion and later it will be too late for you to recover. Bad habits don’t mean your personal activities, but the activities like wearing a bad shoe or improper shoes which doesn’t fit your feet. If it’s once- ya! No problem, but regularly you are following with the same procedure than stop from doing it!


Usually what is a bunion?

Bunion is a bone and soft tissue deformity of foot which produces constant pain or inflammation. Its appearance is like a bump, you can observe it on the side of your foot. It’s really odd. Isn’t it? And why is it so then? It’s your habit of wearing a bad shoe made it to change its change. Not heredity! But if you don’t stop doing such activities of playing with your body parts as like with your foot than you would be in a big mess. The shoes you wear are not allowing the bones to grow in the right direction; instead the bones are made to stretch a move in a wrong direction, damaging the tissues around that bone. It won’t take time for the foot to turn into a bunion and further into much sever conditions, where surgery will be the only option to you. If you like getting operated, than not a problem- you can continue with your same activities. But, if you are not, then follow the given steps from now on to avoid the growth of bone in wrong direction and to fit back it:

1.Soak your feet

Soaking your feet is the best way to relaxing your feet tissues. It gives you a sigh of relief and to your disturbed feet due to the bad shoes you wear.

  • Get a tub or a clean basin
  • Fill it with lukewarm or cool water
  • Add a little of Epsom salt
  • Now, place your feet inside it for some while and lean behind to enjoy.
  • Follow the same process daily to find a better result.

2.Toe stretching

This is a sitting exercise, and not much difficult process. If you can’t do it on your own, get the support of your friend or family member.

  • Sit comfortably on a chair, it is the initial condition
  • Now place your one foot forward and the other foot in backward direction.
  • Relax and sit comfortably.
  • Now, let your subordinate pull your toe gently and let remain at the same position for about 5 minutes.
  • After one leg, move another leg forward and do the same procedure
  • Do this at least 3 times.
  • And if you find any pains in between which is unbearable than discontinue it.

3.Towel-pull exercise

Ooh! Don’t go by the name, it is just because there would be a towel used to perform this exercise and it’s specifically to pull. It is one of the stretching exercises done at home and many of you do it in different styles. But, this has a unique style of its own kind;

  • Sit on a chair or on the bed comfortably
  • Now, place a towel around your big toe
  • Now, pull the towel towards your side and stretch the leg in opposite side.
  • Remain still in that position for a few seconds
  • Repeat the same with next leg
  • Perform 10 times on each leg.
  • For, the second exercise with towel
  • Be in the same initial position
  • Place a towel around your toes instead of a big toe.
  • Push the leg in the opposite direction of pull of the towel
  • Remain still on the same position for few seconds
  • Later relax for a while and repeat the same with next leg.
  • Repeat the same once day and night regularly.

4.Marble play and ball roll

These things when they become a healthy exercise for us, we can’t imagine. Yes! But here it is the marble play and the ball roll which help in strengthening of toes and improving flexibility. Both are simple and easy procedures to follow

5.Marble ball

  • Place some marbles on the floor and hold a basket
  • Pick the marbles with the help of your toe and place it in the basket.
  • It’s basically a gripping exercise

6.Ball role

  • Here, the use of tennis ball is made.
  • Place the tennis ball on the floor
  • Now, move your foot gently on the ball with the help of support of a rod or chair.
  • Repeat the same with both legs
  • This is a natural massage tour feet.

7.Walk in sand

The best natural exercise, to walk bare foot on the sand enables your feet with a natural massage and the rate of metabolism increases. It’s good for you and your feet to move on sand bare footed long with enjoying the scenery.