Thursday 22 February 2018
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Tips to avoid the damage occurred in body by sitting all day!

These problems can be observed mostly in the people who have work and do it by sitting on the chair whole day. This is a major problem in the people and the worst thing is that it can’t be treated early- only thing you can do is to prevent it. But how to prevent it? You need to be more cautious about this! You need to exercise- spend your time for walk while you are sitting. There are still many important factors you need to understand and it is very necessary for you to maintain a proper health.

By sitting all day on the same position – let maybe watching TV or reading books or working on your computer- these all cause danger to the health not just to our legs but even the backbones. The blood circulation is hampered and the blood pressure decreases causing affects on the metabolism of the legs.

There are some simple homes remedies that you need to take care of, which will help you in preventing the problems due to sitting:

1.Do yoga

Yoga is been the best exercise for centuries and is been practiced till now. Nowadays, the yoga is growing extremely popular in many countries along with the western countries. It was before only limited t the Asian countries but know due to the health benefits seen by exercising yoga- many other countries too have opted to yoga. Not only is it a remedy to this problem but also a remedy to all other diseases:

  • First, be in your initial position with your hands and knees on the floor
  • Be in the cow position placing your wrists below the shoulders.
  • Now, inhale slowly by taking your head facing to the sky
  • Hold for some time and then move your head towards the ground and slowly exhale the air
  • Note that your belly is given pressure and that your hands are pressed toward downward direction
  • Stretch your back moving your face more towards your chest
  • Now, continue the same pose for about 10 reps
  • Take some rest and do the same procedure for the next 3 reps

2.Have walks

Sitting for long time is not good for health- we hear I from our ancestors. Have you before thought why? Or thinking now, just because you are suffering some problem due to sitting and working all time? So, listen by longer sit, it causes problem to the body because the cardiovascular system is affected in large portions and this is the most effective problem which affects the endothelial system of the arteries. It may also result to blood vessels to expand- not meant to be good for health.

  • It can also be seen that prolonged sitting may cause increase in shear rate and superficial femoral artery and flow-mediated dilation.
  • Researchers say this is observed only because of sitting 3 hours continuous – so you can imagine the consequences that happen when there is a prolonged sitting.
  • There should be some activity like walking which can disturb this prolonged sitting process.
  • Walking is a very good factor for decline in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

3.Stability ball

  • It helps to increase the body balance.
  • This is possible as you try to sit on it and maintain the balance to sit enabling to increase your body balance
  • The core muscles of your body strengthens and works properly
  • It helps your body to align itself properly into a good posture
  • Also has a good impact on the effects of prolonged sitting
  • This is just a simple process and can be followed every morning by sitting on this ball
  • Trying o balance on the ball is the most important step

4.Stretching exercises

  • It reduces the pains occurred due to excessive sitting
  • Also reduces the shoulder and neck pains due to prolonged sitting
  • For this you can follow the simple stretching exercises which impacts on the body in the reverse direction as the sitting impacts
  • It is the key factor for circulation and keeping the mind cool
  • Follow the below given steps for proper stretching of the body
  • It is simple, just stand on your feet
  • Legs joined and hands locked with one another through fingers of both the hands
  • Now stretch your hands in forward direction with the same position of hands
  • Stretch as much as you can
  • Now, stretch it towards the right direction and left direction simultaneously
  • Later, move your hands to up direction above your head and stretch as much as you can by going up on your feet
  • By this, your whole of the back muscles are stretched
  • Now come back to your original position and take rest

5.Sit in correct posture

Everyone, including me has a bad habit of not sitting correctly. Often, even do sit in the wrong way like sitting with back bent. This is not a correct posture and totally wrong which harms the backbone and the muscles of the backbone. This is meant to be wrong also because there is damage in the joints of prolonged sitting

If you’re young, I advise you to sit correctly because this is the age when you’ll develop to have a good health. Later, the side effects will show when you get older. So try maintaining the health from now on. Just follow these steps to have a proper sitting;

  • Keep your back straight and relaxed
  • Keep your knees bent and foot on the floor facing forward
  • Just stay rested back and don’t even pull yourself back or move forward to reach out to see on your computer or laptop

You shouldn’t look down much instead youshould be comfortable so that you can look straight forward