Thursday 18 January 2018
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This is HowHealthy Communication will impact your Relationship

When we split these two words we get a strange phrase like someone is related to a ship. Yes, even the relation is also related to the ship. It is the way we take the ship in which direction do we take it and end it up. If we take the relationship in a positive direction. Obviously, we feel good about the relationship or else we take it as a worst part of our life. It is not just the matters of love, but also includes friendship, our parents, people whom we meet every day. Let’s check out with the various relationships we involve into daily and then later what circumstances come we feel it good and bad. Our human brain also shifts its decisions as per the situations. But, we forget sometimes, are the reason that createsthese situations in our life.

How many types of relationship youare surrounded with?

1.Family relationship

The first relationship comesis with the family. They are our most loved ones before anyone else. Mostly, everyone has a strong relationship with their family. This relationship is healthy only when the communication is good and pleasant from both the ends. The family relation is till the end and cannot be replaced by any other relation.

2.Friends relationship

It is also a type of relationship with friends, where some of them are best buddies while some are our enemies. You can just imagine that how someone became your best buddy and the other your favoriteenemy? The simple answer being communication. There is no other reason so communication and relationship are related to each other.

3.Business relationship

A business relation we mean it as the most important relationship in our personal development as well our career. We usually get scared and a poor communication takes place leading to poor relationship, the person starts losing hope and believes as you are a poor communicator. So be bold to get related to him, think him not as a business but a person of your friend and start communicating trying to gain his confidence. This way you will improve your business relationship.

4.Love relationship

The person we love the most, we believe our life partner. The reason why you are in a love relationship just because you have a good communication with the person and you feel that relationship is good but when the communication goes to be poor, you start feeling repented for the relationship. Have a good and calm communication, you won’t feel repented.

As we see, a healthy communication results to a healthy relationship, thebenefits from a healthy relationship are positive as healthy.

These Healthy relationships benefit you in life through these ways:

  • Mental stability and personal securities

It keeps the mind stable with no conflicts and revenges with no avenge and a state of peace in mind. Every person feels to be like in a good relationship and when he isn’t, he becomes mentally unstable and behaves abnormally. Try not to break any relation and safe as many relations you can. They might even provide you with protection at times in emergencies. It’s not just a case of security but you are safe with healthy security

  • Positive growth

A healthy relationship leads to a positive growth of the both mentally and physically. Mentally you become strong and you are free to speak not weak to shy and get depressed to speak when you usually do with a person whom your relationship is not so good. At these times, you again go into a poor relation with the person. So start communication good with him, than just see you will start maintaining a positive relation with him.

  • Violence prevention

You lead to violence prevention when you are out from any mental stress or any fear. This happens when you have a miss communication with the person you are close wit or the person you are in business or sometimes love. So, better be cool start thinking and thenspeaking. Don’t give your brain in the hands of the anger instead start communication with the person in a better way and gain his confidence back to start with a fresh relationship. If you start following than no person will be your enemy. Everyone would start loving with you in relationship.

Life is huge and beautiful. Love everyone and be in a good relationship with everyone.