Thursday 18 January 2018
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Storm of Life: The rise and destruction in your life- all depends on you!

What’s the comparison of life with the storm and a life with nothing but pleasant as an Ocean?

Do you know it?

You may know it if you’ve experienced a storm to blow in your life. This storm is too strong to hold and too hard to be ignored or forgotten because the people know its importance for whom it has once come and gone.

Storms aren’t for permanent in life but they travel periodically and come and go. They don’t remain forever but instead cause a disaster in our lives for a good purpose!

You must be thinking- the storm always causes bad things in life as it causes in the world when the storm comes- but you’re taking it wrong my friend!

You’re really wrong and you know why?

It’s because that they’re not real and everything is just for good. Have you heard the phrase- GOD takes but takes to give something Good!

It’s the same with the storm- I’ll elaborate it for you!

You know when a storm comes- for instance- the city is over flooded with water then what happens, the flood or the storm is the present for a moment of time and then it goes back but then the government starts thinking to increase its capacity of the rivers holding capacity so that the next time- it doesn’t repeat and then it’s good right?

It’s good because the storage capacity of water in the city has increased and also even if the summer is too long, there’ll be no suffering due to water. These are some of the benefits- it makes people think and do something good. It’s the same with the life- disaster comes and goes but you need to think about how you take it!

There’s a video about an eagle on how it does when a disaster hits- please watch it carefully-

Isn’t it inspiring?

The video is truly good because it explains us about the real facts on how the life is and how is it we respond to the storm which enters into our life!

It doesn’t mean that I’m telling you to welcome it but instead, I’m telling you to learn from it and don’t say that I’m finished now, what should I do!

Just think man, the eagle what does it do to escape from the storm?

It doesn’t actually escape from the storm but instead, it stretches its wings so that the wind blowing in the storm can take it much higher as possible, up above the sky. Is it doing something?

Did it cry because the storm has come?

In fact, it hasn’t done anything rather than making the storm its friend or you can say a support to move up!

Why can’t you make it the same?

It’s hard at the beginning- I do know it but then what’s wrong in giving a try?

You can work hard harder so that you will be able to get a way through it- in fact, it’s never bad trying hard because you’ll be well satisfied that at least you gave a try!

I’ve seen many people guys where they didn’t have anything in their lives and just because of their hard work, today they’re touching the end of skies and its only for the people who try hard up to their best and not for the ones who don’t even care!

Life isn’t so simple but you need to make it one because life s only with the people who can make it one for them!

Failures are required in one’s life without which he’ll never be able to learn and move above to reach the highest peaks of life!