Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Six Reasons Why You Should Add Fish Oil into Your Daily Diet

Fish oil has been touted to have so many health benefits. It is known to be a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Your body can’t make this substance, so you need to get it from foods.

Many functions in your body including inflammation, brain function, normal growth and development need to be supported with enough amount of omega-3 fatty acid. Deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids has been linked to various health problems like mood disorder, cancers, arthritis, and many more. So your need to ensure that you are taking enough amount of this substance.

1.Improve Brain Function

Fish oil is useful in the normal development of the brain. According to some researches, fish oil supplement can improve cognitive function and brain structure. The study suggest that people who consumed fish oil supplements have a better cognitive function compare to those who didn’t take the supplements.

2.Good for Bone Health

Tough it’s true that calcium and vitamin D are essential to maintain the density of your bones, to maintain optimal bone health you still need omega-3 fatty acid. All those substances are very important for bone growth as well as maintaining the health of your bones. For example, when you get older, your bones will be thinner and you’ll be more prone to osteoporosis.

According to studies, people who take polyunsaturated fatty acid and calcium balance in higher level have a healthier bones. So other thank paying attention to your daily intake of calcium, start adding fish oil to your diet too.

3.Lift Up Your Mood

According to research, adding fish oil into your daily diet can help you maintain your mood better. Nowadays, a lot of people like to consume processed food that are lack in quality nutrients. This can lead to stress and mood disorder like anxiety and depression.

Since fish oil contain omega-3 fatty-acids, it can help in relieving anxiety, mental fatigue, depression, suicidal tendencies, decrease sexual desire, and other nervous disorders.

4.Lower Cholesterol Level

Omega-3 acid that can be found in fish oil also effective in reducing risk of cardiovascular disease. It can also lower bad cholesterol while at the same time increase the level of good cholesterol. Fish oil also beneficial in preventing atherosclerosis in coronary patient which makes it an effective prevention for stroke.

Adding 3 – 6 grams of fish oil every day can help you maintain a healthy level of triacylglycerol and support overall health, and well-being

5.Promote Healthy Skin

Consuming fish oil regularly can help you improve dry skin and make the appearance of your skin looks shiny and vibrant. It is also beneficial to treat many different skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, skin redness, itching, rashes, and skin lesion. Fish oil also produce arachidonic acid which can help to restrict the development of pro-inflammatory agent.

6.Improve Blood Circulation

It is widely believed that the consumption of fish oil can improve blood circulation and reduce triglyceride and serum cholesterol levels. However, so far it has only been tested to rats. So, more studies on this area is needed.

Some people switch their consumption of vegetable oil to fish oil. However, though fish oil do provide a lot of benefits to your body, you should not stop taking the vegetable oil since it also has important health benefits.

According to National High Blood Pressure Education Program in the US, there have been some inaccurate publicity fish oil, and one of them is about the efficacy of fish oil toward high blood pressure.

You also need to be cautious in consuming fish oil since excessive dosage of fish oil may cause adverse side effect to your health. Some of those side effects are fishy breath, upset stomach, and nausea. Don’t take more than 3 grams of fish oil daily as it may increase the risk of bleeding.