Thursday 22 February 2018
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Self-Organization- 3 Tips To Organize Yourself And Manage Your Time

Are you thinking you are notself-organized? Yes, not only you but many people think the same about themselves. It usually happens when you are frustrated of things or not goes well with your time schedule. No need to worry! Just be confident of yourself and be self-appreciating that you can do the next time. But, by just saying this you don’t become a successful person as you had thought to be. You work hard but too it doesn’t give you any fruits. Have you ever thought about it? No? Than start thinking because there is a simple reason that you are not self-organized or you are not able to organize things in a better way. Just stay calm and watch for yourself by organizing your activities, planning them properly and giving a correct value to time.

Now what is self-organization?

It is not physical as u might be thinking but it totally goes up to your mental and time planning. First, you need to agree to your failure, and if you succeed in accepting your self-failure only than you will be able to be a perfect self-organized person. The reason is simple, you have come up with a plan to self-organize yourself and even though you don’t follow it saying will follow tomorrow. If this is the outcome you will never stick up to your schedule. So avoid this attitude! This will never workout for people with this attitude. Stick to your rules of self-organization you have come up with, never think that if you miss one day it is a great loss. Start a fresh from thatmoment and try as much as you can to be in the timetable or the rules you have thought of to follow. In case if you are unable to come upwith your own, there are a set of self-organized rules for you. These tips must have come up through your min but you must have never been able to capture them. These are some basic set which you carry on but these are more specific and surefire to make you a perfect self-organized guy.

3 Tips To Organize Yourself

  1. Don’t make your memory a storage place for this

Science speaks that brain can hold any number of data, but even it has categories. Categories ni the sense depends on the sub-conscious mind and a lot other facts. We tend to forget sometimes that what we were supposed to do for this time and still we arestuck up with our odd scheduled things. This should be avoided so better accept the fact that we cannot too much rely on the memory. Our brain depends on what we hear, we speak and we changeas per that. So, instead of being dependent on selective memory, why don’t you use a piece of paper?

  1. Make habit of using diary or a scrub pad

As soon as you are told to do something or have a meeting, grab your scrub pad and note it down. A situation may arise when others may laugh at you but at the end of day you will have a chance to laugh. Having called by your boss to have some important details or to do a work. If you think you are capable o manage it without writing I down. Sorry, but you will cry for it of having trouble not recalling what the boss said! You will automatically go under pressure of not recalling and if asked again, he will for sure fire you. So, never take a risk- just write it down before you find a problem because of your own.

  1. Have a fixed time table

It may seem kind of mechanical, but trust me having a fixed time table will help you lots in every aspect of life especially in the professional side. Have you seen your boss having a secretary- and she keepsinrecord of every moment or the future timetable of her boss. Why I it so is she doing? Youcan visualize a successful person isfollowing this step of having a timetable or else his life would be a mess. The same concept follows you, make up a timetable as per you comfortably. I know, it’s really hard that following the fixed rules will not be possible in the beginning, but what is bad in trying and giving your best to make yourself a self-organized person.

Some people feel that they can enjoy their lives this way. It’s not true! Because the same people will start developing a thought in their mind- what am I doing? They then realize theimportance of being self-organized and arise from the sleep they have been in for a long time. It’s not still late, wake up yourself and lead your life in an organized way.