Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Run For Good Life : To Keep Yourself Healthy, Active And Strong

Run comes up with different terminology. Here, it means in term of fitness. Running is free, you can do it anytime, anywhere but usually preferred with empty stomach to gain the benefits like lower risk of heart problems, diabetes and weight reduction. These were just for the extreme illness but it’s more advantageous for the day you take a run. Have you tried it anytime? – Than it’s time you start it from now. You create a mental stress free, freshness in your body, active for the whole day. Now a general thinking is how much should we run? No limit is expected for this, many people have different limitations. So as per your limitations run for a moment, take rest and again go for it. The sweat you bring out, it reduces the fat accumulated in the body, cells get reactivated by the fresh air you inhale. Plan them, which direction and how much you are going to run, write it down, and try to achieve it and achieve but try ending more than your expectations. It’s necessary to avoid yourself from being harmed, necessary to run slow and steady at the beginning, later as per your capability increase your speed. Before starting with a run, warm up the body by marching on the spot, climbing the stairs, stretching nerves. For the beginners, do not set the limit too high, start with a simple jog. Once you are capable of jogging start setting a higher limit and after 10 days of continuous exercise and jogging you are now capable to start a run by selecting your own limits.

Follow these ideas which keeps you occupied and helps to concentrate on increasing the performance:

1.Set the mind

Everyone gets motivated by the effects and plans to achieve it. But, at the time we become weak to execute it. As, we are tend to get up wake and we say let’s do it tomorrow. It’s just a failure of yourself due to the poor decisions made and reason being not serious about the decision made. Setting the mind is very necessary to execute something because without pain you cannot achieve anything and the pain exists only at the beginning. Later, you experience the fruits of your pain. So the first step, set your mind and say; YES, I will do it.

2.Accompany a friend

Moments come when we start feeling to get bored, and the motivation no longer exists. So, the best choice is accompany a friend. He will be your motivation and keep on inspiring you. By watching him run, you start generating a feeling and a motivation inside you, that if he can? Then why can’t I? .You never know when you start to run breaking your limits.

3.Note in diary

Note down the records of your run, the time you travelled, distance you travelled. It keeps you in track of the improvement you make every day. This helps you improve your run.

4.Avoid sun

While jogging you lose some amount of water, along with fats. Good, but than if you run in presence of sun? This removes excess amount of water and it makes you exhausted much earlier than you expected. So avoid sun, and try running before sunrise or after sunset.

5.Have a dog?

Great! Accompany him with you. He is your best friend and keeps you occupied and saves your money by taking place of a trainer. This motivates you to run for long distance. So you have multiple benefits here, a trainer accompanied by a friend.

6.Footwear for a run

Try the minimal sneakers as footwear to run to reduce the risks of getting hurt on your ankles. There is much other footwear available in market designed especially for running. Can have a look on them, they provide flexibility to run and improve your speed, feels comfortable.

7.Run in Nature

Always choose greenery surrounded areas to run. There is availability of fresh amount of oxygen in that atmosphere. This availability enables to inhale more amount of oxygen and activate metabolism in our body and makes us active.

8.Dress code for run

Dress code is not exactly as it says but for comfort put on shorts and a T-shirt. The best choice of every runner, along with a sweat band. Other dress makes you feel uncomfortable to run and is not much profitable as from the above suggested.