Thursday 18 January 2018
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Relationship Troubles: 3 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask Your Boyfriend

Relationships are stressful when you don’t find it in going in your way-especially for ladies. The Very girl has a dream of how his boy should be and so you start being more conservative. If you’re in a relationship- I advice you not to get too personal about his life and know more things which may trouble him. I understand that I will trouble you about asking the questions- but don’t go too deep that one day he might end up asking you- do you love me? Or the job I am doing? This generally happens in every relationship so be careful about this. It’s good to know about him- but not about his professional life. Off course, you should know whether he is serious about his life or just messing up and doing nothing. In such situations you can support him and advice him in a way that he listens to you and doesn’t get frustrated. But, girls’ are too possessive and you wish to happen exactly as you like it. But, don’t worry it will take time and you need to give it for a better future and if you truly love him with your whole-heartedly

Not in a relationship yet? Even this makes you more conservative about choosing a person in your life and wish to seek some advices. You usually prefer a person who is at a good job or earning a good money for his livelihood. In instance, you date a Person and you have heard that he is at a good portfolio and seeing his good behavior- you hang out with the person- and one day it comes, when you find he is fire from the job- listening to this you’re totally blank. So what you’re going to do at this time? Leave him or support him? You also look into his character. These all confusions are general and in between this you’re not able to find yourself a solution. So, relationships are generally related to compromises in life which you don’t wish it in your life. You have to! For a perfect relationship. I say, only love is the reasons you’re in relationship so why disturb your love by asking questions related to his earnings? Even at times when you date a person- you need to know what type of a person he is- happy or a numb? Now, you start asking him questions related to his personal life and whether he is happy because you need to understand the person whether he is happy in his life as you’re happy and don’t wish to have a person who is always bored.

Apart from these, below are some important keywords- which you feel talking about causing a problem in your relationship:

  1. You really like me?

Wow! What an incredible question is it? But a common question asked by every girl. In the beginning, this is the general thing in every girl’s mind- and you are not sure whether he really likes you or just acting! Girls generally ask this question when they find out that the guy is not attentive and not listening to you or are not looking at you, as you wish your dream boy should always be looking at you. In a fraction of time when you understand that nothing is going as per you and you find out that you’re feeling awful – the question comes out! – There you’re keen to know the answer but your guy will have in his mind- is she trapping me? And you’re unaware of his thoughts. So better avoid asking this! Not so easy but at least can give a try.

  1. Can we meet again?

Ok! You ‘re in love with the guy and now you both are spending much time together- but sometimes things become so complicated that you start meeting instead once a month or moths! This is not love but friends meet! Right? So, you throw at him another question. You need not ask him this but instead seek for the answer by his reactions that whether is he really serious or hanging with you around just to spend time. By this, you’ll understand and you’ll get a perfect answer!

  1. Do you have an ex-girlfriend or do you go on dates with other girls?

Doubt! Common among many people- boys as well as girls! You find him much like a person as though he must be dating tons of girls and you throw another question at him! But the guy will really awkward- does she doubt on my character, weird! Isn’t it? Truly, weird but its general for you to think! But this is not good in your relationship- he might tell you a lot about his personal life but this isn’t the right way to ask this question! Instead can talk about general things and later get the information you wish to know about him- he will never feel offended.