Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Reasons For Why Your Fingers Swell- Exercise To Reduce Swelling

Reasons For Why Your Fingers Swell- Exercise To Reduce Swelling

Do you feel your fingers are swollen? Yes?

Than make sure you consult your doctor or else try to find a solution through these given remedies. This swell is not just because of some normal changes but it is an indication for many symptoms of diseases. Know which are the diseases?

You must be allergic! No? Then it must be due to some other serious conditions like diseases. Yes! I asked about the allergy only because, even this is one of the reasons where the palms of the hand swell, and there is a visible for puss and sometimes bleed in extreme conditions. So better take preventive measures before you find the swell. As soon you find some of this type of swell, relax your hand away from that area. Even at times you have broken your hand, your inner skin tissues swell indicating damage to your hand and at this stage you need to understand it must be due to the broken hand or internal bleeding due to accident.

Reasons due to which fingers get swollen

1.Escape of heat

Heat can be a reason to swollen fingers as it is responsible for expanding of blood vessels, to allow heat to escape through skin. As the blood vessels expand, the fluid moves into the skin tissues and makes it to expand and cause puffiness. This can be avoided by continuous exercises of hand and legs, so that you can sweat it out. In extreme conditions along with puffiness you can also observe pain.

2.Excess salt in body

Our body maintains an equal PH level. If the PH level goes up or down, it causes a big problem to body health. The body is designed to maintain equal water to salt level. If you increase the intake of salt in the body, the body retains more water, leading to swelling of fingers. Now, in extreme condition, when you cut off with salt and even though the swelling persists- it indicates that you need to see a doctor.

3.Carpal tunnel

A nerve runs from in between the fore arm and the palm – if this nerve is damaged or disturbed by squeezing at the wrist than it is called carpal tunnel. This causes swelling and severe pain, burning, numbness occurs in the hand- this resembles the swelling symptoms and you need to look for a doctor as soon as possible.

4.Raynaud’s disease

In some people, the arteries present in the body become narrow due to cold weather and stress. This effect on arteries is called Raynaud’s disease. This effect slows down the circulation process of blood. Due to lack of proper blood circulation, the palm of hands become pale or bluish, if this is visible than note down this is the symptom for swelling of your fingers.

Exercise to cure your swelling

Swelling is caused due to lack of blood flow through the hands or various parts of the body. Moving hands will make the excess of fluid to go back. By exercising the arteries get wider and the blockages are cleared easily. By stretching the nerves, you will find fresh and blood circulation increases;

  • Walking is the best exercise and the easiest one. A good habit to get up early in the morning and move around the park, swinging your hands- you not only feel fresh, but also the circulation in the body increases and this helps to reduce the swelling
  • Try eating fresh vegetables and fruits. This habit also helps you to decrease swelling- not all in once but eat at least one fruit a day.
  • Slow functioning of lymphatic system may also cause the problem by exercising and developing a healthy habit keeps your lymphatic system running in good potential and resulting decrease in swelling.
  • There is another type of exercise, it is done when you go for walking- stand in a position still interlocking your hands and fingers
  • Now, raise your hands above head level and stretch them by pushing your hands against the gravitation and remain in that position for few minutes, as per your comfortable.
  • Now, come down and stretch your hands to the left and do the same on the right.
  • Massage is the best method to warm the areas where it is swollen
  • Usually, the swollen part is because of the cold environment and by rubbing your hands against each other- you produce heat and the swelling is reduced.