Thursday 18 January 2018
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Reasons For Being Lonely And Tips To Prevent It!

You must have heard many people say ‘I am feeling lonely’. Do you know the true meaning about what they say? Or are they just saying it? Itdoesn’t mean that they are seriously lonely, but it means that they are making themselves feel lonely. There is always a reason behind the loneliness. The person behind the loneliness is either person itself or the other person. Reason such as sadness, fights, quarrels, official workload, family disputes and when you don’t have anyone for your own. Also when you get to know that you are not loved by ones whom you love the most. Loneliness gets a person to a great depression and person is under mentally tortured condition which may result into finally physical stress. Most of the time loneliness is better to spend time dedicate for yourself and find out how precious you are to yourself and trying to love yourself. Never give up in such a stressful life, try to make up your mind and try doing things that we love the most to do. As the traditional art of yoga has influenced the life of many people many such arts are coexists in our society. When person gets stressed out many thoughts run into mind.

Every one of us gets lonely- ya! It’s being common when you get to know that the person you love the most or your best friend cheats you! Oh my GOD! You sit alone and try to make yourself lonely. This is our mental issues that we start thinking in that direction and not in the positive way – how this would work? If you say- let him GO, I have many friends and I don’t give a shit care. But if you try getting involved yourself in the old thoughts and you start saying that you don’t have anything in the entire world except the one left you- than I am extremely sorry! Not only me but no human on the earth can help you with your loneliness.

There are many reasons of loneliness- in some situations you cannot use the above way of thinking, when someone close to your heart is no longer with you. But you need to accept the truth at some point of time and say to your heart- weep as much as you can but never feel lonely from the moment it stops weeping. Usually, the times you feel lonely is only when it is related deeply to your heart, the people or something which is closely linked to you and without which you feel you cannot sustain.

  • Places often you feel lonely!
  • Spend time watching TV

Are you seriously watching because you are interested in that TV show- or because you’re often lonely? It’s hard to find, but people often develop the same habit when they find themselves alone and no person or nothing to spend time with. They get themselves involved in watching more and more of TV shows that even when there is someone or something to give up loneliness – you don’t, in fact you start enjoying it.

Are you lonely or alone?

There is confusion in many people between lonely and alone. What you think you are? Lonely? Alone? Neither?or Both? Lots of questions arise. People when they are busy with their works, no one feels about this, bu then comes when he thinks to remove a time for himself, and this time is it lonely or alone? Now, it’s a better way to answer this. This is specifically called as an alone time or me time. But this me time has lots of advantages than a lonely time. After spending so much time with your work, the realization to have some time for yourself is me time.

On the other hand, lonely person has no such feelings but is filled with full of disadvantages. Its few symptoms are like sleepiness’, feeling depressed, watching TV continuously and on social sites. These are the results of being lonely.Yes! You can be on social websites and be in contact with your friends- not a problem! But, when it comes to excess use then you resemble a lonely guy.

Social Media user

Consider you’re a Facebook user; and you look into updates where you find your friends enjoying without you. This is the moment you feel lonely and depressed. This created an environment of unhappiness inside you. Do you really need this to happen with you? No. right? So stop this social website and try calling or meeting up the person you love or the friends whom you call your buddies. Try this and you will be relieved from the so called loneliness.

Tips to overcome:

1.Accept the truth

First, you need to accept that you are lonely and understand the reason behind being lonely. If you accept this truth, then it would be very easy for you to overcome. But, it’s not so easy as they say- just accept it. It needs a great determination and a strong positive attitude for this kind of move. It’s not a big deal for you! Just think to yourself- is being lonely harming you or others? It is harming you, right? So why are you harming yourself when the world around you is taking advantage and laughing at you. Take the correct decision- don’t allow loneliness be your only world.

2.Join a club

This is the best option! Ya! Obviously- because there are different kinds of people there who have come to spend time and enjoy. Mixing up with such people you’ll develop contacts with them and also get rid of loneliness.

3.Help others and ask help

Have you ever tried helping others? Or asked for help from someone? Try out these both- happiness you receive within, can be no where matched with any external happiness you receive. Helping old, taking care of them also makes you feel proud. This happiness of helping will be your memory and remove the feeling of loneliness from you.