Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Natural baby skin care tips: 5 tips to prevent baby from dry skin!

Babies are just same as adults who are prone to dry skin and it is necessary to take preventive measures to avoid this. As their skin is more vulnerable than that of adults, we need to be more cautious about taking measures and keeping the baby skin soft and free from dryness. The immunity system of the baby is more susceptible to bacteria and other dangerous virus which can affect the baby to suffer from dry skin. There are many causes why a baby is suffering from the dry skin and first we need to understand it and then come into a conclusion about how to take care of it! When you were a baby, you might remember the incidents when you were applied with various cosmetics andhomemade products. So why was it that a special treatment was given o you? It was as simple it is as I said above, because the immune system is not so strong and can’t fight the bacteria as effectively as the human body does, here then the parents come up with various solutions to make your immune system strong, like giving you a oil bath and keeping you away from dust or harmful environment. They do this because they know that your body can’t fight the bacteria and it is also well know n to them that a baby’s body is more targeted by these invisible bacteria leading to problems like dry skin. So, there is a solution through which you can isolate your baby from the bacteria and help your baby’s skin to grow stronger ad smoother.

1.Decease the bath time

When you bath your baby, don’t jump into conclusions to yourself that if you bathe your baby for a longer time, then your baby’s skin will be stronger. No! It’s totally a wrong understanding among people. Bath is necessary but till when? Only till a certain limit of time, if it crosses that limit then it will cause adverse effects on the baby’s skin. You might have seen that when you spend more time in water, your skin on the finger tips look weak and unhealthy. So why is it? It is the same which happens on the baby’s skin. First thing you need to follow is cut down the bathing time! Yeah, I can understand that even though your baby will force you to remain in water a little more time. But, even you need to understand that by doing so you’re letting to take away all the natural oils from the skin and making it dry.

2.Water and soap

Before continuing with the same water and soap, you need to consult the child’s specialist to examine which type of water and soap is suitable for the baby’s skin. It is required because we can’t guess the type of soap and water which we can use on the baby’s soft skin. Apart from this, your baby might not respond well to the type of soap which is being used. Yeah! It must be a leading brand in soap manufacturing but you will never know the type and quality of contents desired in the soap which is suitable for your baby’s skin is the soap which you’re using! There is another option where you can use a fragrance-free and soap-free cleanser; this is of great beneficial to your baby’s skin because it will not contain any type of harsh chemicals as in other regular soaps. When it comes to water, don’t make use of warm water to bathe your baby, instead make use of lukewarm water.


Applying oil to the baby’s skin is very important- it will protect baby’s skin from getting attacked by any harmful chemicals. In other process, applying coconut oil has been the tradition in many Asian countries and is prominently practiced still now. It has a very deep scientific reason too! You must have heard about applying oil on the body during massage, but have you heard it applying on the baby’s skin and having a lukewarm water bath? Yeah, it’s not a joke, but nowadays even the western people are following this- it keeps you skin away from dryness and increases the oil content along with it prominent vitamins and minerals are obtained by the body. it also clears the pores of the skin not observed with human eye.


Children have a bad habit about crawling on a cold floor because they like it and they haven’t yet learnt walking on their legs. Make sure that they don’t crawl on the cold floor, let them have fun and crawl around but avoid them to do so on the cold floor.


Usually the creams are prevented to apply on the skin if the baby, but if you’re travelling to a beach then make sure you carry it. I am saying so because chlorine and saline water- both are dangerous to health and you’re travelling to a beach so your baby will surely have fun in water. Ok so when he comes out make sure you apply your baby with the desired moisturizer to protect your baby’s skin.