Thursday 18 January 2018
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Life is like a Garbage Bag which everybody tries to put it on, Know how to avoid it!

People all around the world are troubled by something or the other!

You may ask, what’s that they are troubled with?

So, I don’t have to say anything but just once looking into yourself – are you troubled with something which is hurting you or making you depressed or making you freak out?

Isn’t it, true?

So you’re been troubled by something and that you’re traveling with it- don’t know when you’ll burst it out when there’s no space to fill in another such problem in your life!

So, just imagine how many people must be going on with the same phase?

I truly believe it because people just ignore the situation they’re going through and just fall into some other mess or wish to transfer up the same mess into someone else!

Tell me, how many times have you done this?

Yes, you have!

Ok, I will tell you one of my story which will help you understand what I’m trying to say and then we’ll go on to a video!

When I was young enough and had been in college- I used to work on a project and was also a secretary in one the sectors of my college. I was surrounded with a little of my own problems but then I used to not care about those problems which lead me to make feel worse!

All the tensions and work in my head- I didn’t know what to do with the frustration I used to carry with and go home every day- I started changing, shouting at my parents, started to hurt my mom and dad with reasons which had no value of to be!

Small petty things started irritating me and this continued up to some day when I lost my mom one day and that day I read a letter which was left to me by my mother and where she said please son, Don’t hurt your dad henceforth as he’s alone now!

I realized my mistake that day and I wept in front of my dad but then he forgives me and said me this- we all have one or the problems but then it’s on you that how you make it!

This was one of the stories which happened in my life but there’s a one more which will leave you stunned. It’s about a person traveling to airport and just see it carefully-

Isn’t it inspiring?

I was just stunned to see that a cab driver was so happy in his life and that’s because he had realized the true meaning of life which left him mere happy and a true person rather than becoming a garbage bag!

All of us wander around with some other tensions, disappointments and even anger!

But why do we do so?

It’s just because we wish to do so. It’s would have been so easy to yell back at the black car driver and say- It’s your fault you f…r!

But he didn’t do so- instead, he gave a smile and just told him to move on with the help of signs. This made him feel so comfortable that he was happy and then here we realize one more thing- it all depends on us and not on the situation. Here, we humans have a fixed thinking which needs to be changed and this change should be brought to us so that we avoid being a garbage bag for someone else as the driver said!

So, I prefer- just avoid what others say and start your journey as it is without any interpretation of others and without being the garbage bag for others!

Stay Happy and Live Happily!