Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Learn Easy Ways To Lose Weight Without Spending A Single Penny

Before understanding the techniques about losing your weight, know the reason why you should lose it! Only then you will understand it in a easy way to reduce your weight. First important and foremost most questions arise is: why do you gain weight? Yes, that’s the right question and going in a right track. The simple answer is accumulation of fats inside the body, and where they come from? They come from your daily diet. What you eat makes what you are. We listen to phrases but we ignore. It’s because we don’t understand them or we can say we don’t want to understand, and even understood, we don’t want to follow it. But please follow because this is the first step that comes to your weight loss. Later, comes is exercise and other things. But first follow the instructions politely and see the effect. You start consulting doctor, trying on gym. These all wouldn’t be necessary if u start following the simple given steps.

Read, understand and follow them

1.Maintain the diet- ‘ what you eat is what you are’

We all eat up to our stomach. A general eating habit of everyone but I don’t say to stop eating, only recommend is to have low calorie food. They are rich in water and hence contain more amounts of protein, fiber and low fat. But, with high calorie food which has less water is a high fat consisting food. So avoid food material like the snacks, dense bakery foods. So by following this dietary recipe you will find a solution in reduction of your weight. Only the replacement of your regular food with a low calorie food.

2.Avoid excess sweets and beverages

Many of the people like sweets. Yes, it’s good to say ‘eat sweet and talk sweet’, sorry but you will also suffer bitterly. We hang out with friends, consume alcohol, the most dangerous it is a high fat containing beverage which increases the fat in our body rapidly. Also avoid sweet tea, indirectly you are drinking excess of sweet in your body and causing grow fat. Maintain the body and this is only possible if you stop drinking sweets.

3.Sweat out fat with regular exercise

Exercise daily morning, go for a walk or a run, stretch your muscles, and sweat it out. Fats are present below the inner skin of body, they go on accumulating there as you intake them. This causes to increase your weight. Now, how to remove them, how to reduce the accumulation. The simple answer is exercise. How? Here, we exercise, the skin releases sweat from the body which in turn removes the form of sweat and stabilizes the body with a normal weight. the body weight only increases because of fat accumulation, which our day to day to day exercises effect the removal of accumulation. Even yoga, most ancient tradition of exercising, plays a important role in fat removal.

4.Do not be mentally stressed

Work stress, or sometimes the stress you take is of missing your diet. Don’t be stressed, be cool. It’s not by missing a week of diet you will again gain your weight. At some point of time you need to have something cool, which you have given up just to fresh up. It doesn’t mean you are working wrong. Or even it might be because of work stress you mess up with your diet. No tensions! Start up again with a fresh diet. Taking stress makes your glands to secrete hormones in an unstable manner or your body to grow in an uneven way. So even your mentality also plays an important role in maintaining your body properly.

5.Have a well sounded sleep

This too relates with your mental ability as sleep relaxes brain. If you have too little sleep than your brain secretes a stress hormone cortisol which impacts the hunger hormones resulting to increase in fats and carbohydrates. So sleep at least 8 hours a day.

6.Consumption of liquid water

More consumption of water leads to activeness of the body and good metabolism. It removes out carbohydrates. In rainy season we feel less thirsty but shouldn’t give up drinking water. It removes the waste and it consists of natural appetite suppressant aiding weight loss.


7.Eat at a fixed time

Have your food at a regular fixed time, so the body digestion is good and more amount of energy is generated by secretion of digestive glands at a proper time every day. Food consuming early is also good as energy is generated more than at the later of the day. The food eaten late is stored as fat and less energy is generated. So, eat early and regularly and stay have a proper weight.