Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Do you know there’s another teacher: Life- know what all she teaches you!

We all respect our teachers in one form or the other and also we do have our best teachers whom we remain close with, but have you ever thought there’s another friend whom we don’t know and yet it’s close to us in one or the other way!

Have you ever thought that it’s with you from the past you were born and examined you in every moment ever since you’ve opened your eyes!

Yes, parents are the teachers but apart from them, there’s one more teacher of yours whom you’ve underestimated and also used foul language when it was your time to give a test!

But what is it, which you’ve underestimated?

It’s your life!

Am I right?

Life is been taking your test since you were born and not to torture you but to keep you on track and not let you move aside from the track you were been going on.

If you have, then there comes a test from the life for which you need to get through or else it will teach you then!

Life is simply amazing- it doesn’t teach you at first, it tells you to learn whatever you can and then I’ll come to take a test and if you haven’t prepared- I would teach you the lessons of life!

Tell me, have you ever faced a situation where you feel totally broken down and then there is a solution for it- a major breakthrough you feel!

That’s it, you’ve handled it well and then the solution is with you. This is life and nobody is spared from the examination which been taken by Life nor even a powerful person on this earth is spared- even they have lacks of problems which they try to overcome and that’s life which is been examining them.

There’s a short video regarding what life teaches you and then it’s important you know-

Life’s truly incredible – saying it due to my experience.

It drowns us completely but then if we strive hard and try to get off the shore- it will still try to drown us but then it will also award us with something special for which we deserve as per our hard work.

It’s the same everywhere and also in our life!

Until we try- we will never be able to succeed and especially in life, it’s known to be the best teacher because it fails us purposely and this purpose has a big meaning hidden behind it!

You want to succeed in life, right?

The failures in life are the path to success because life teaches us some important lessons which we should learn in order to attain the success and if we are unable to learn – the success will never come to us. We become so absolute that we don’t think about the success but instead we work hard and in return, the life awards us with the success!

There’re some things which we need to remember at such times when you’re stuck in a storm and you don’t have any path to come out-

  • Be patient-

It’s the key to success and especially when life is teaching you a lesson. Life is always fair with the people who are patient and not with the ones running away from it.

  • Be confident-

Let be any conditions where you need to take a lesson- you should always be confident in yourself and never fail to lose the confidence, this makes you well determined and stubborn on the hurdles which the life instills in you in order to teach you a new lesson!