Thursday 22 February 2018
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Juice To Remove Toxins From The Lungs Of Smokers And Ex-Smokers!

Inhale and exhale of unwanted smoke which is generated by burning the substance (this substance is commonly known as cigarette) is called smoking. It is filled with tobacco and in which many varieties of brands and flavors can be found. However,smoking is being practiced from many years – right from the time of kings and British. It’s considered to be a bad habit which harms your body, but many people follow this bad habit- giving it a name as an enjoyment! But I haven’t still understood – what do we enjoy by practicing such habit? We waste the quality of living;also the money spent on these cigarettes can’t be ignored. This cost is not just considered for the cigarettes you buy but also after practicing such habits- the money you send at the hospital for your health due to smoking is unimaginable.

The real face of smoking!

So what does this mean? In real, it’s just a dialogue (understand the meaning for this) –ok! So, consider if you’re a chain smoker then I’ve to say this- I’m sorry my friend, you’ll be in a serious problem in the upcoming years. You’ll be happy enjoying by smoking and styling with cigarettes as they do in movies and even you try to do the same, but have you read the statement that comes before the show saying- ‘Smoking is injurious to health’- so have you thought, why do they say so? There is another important fact about what you see in movies and your favorite actor- smoking is just practiced by the actors only for the purpose of entertainment and for that shot only, they never do it the same in their personal life (exempting some actors)! So, what do you conclude? Many and even including me in situations- don’t go on facts but act upon what we see and that’s not always the truth is- this is the real face of smoking! Nobody prefers it but people have made it a part of life and making their life including their loved one’s a hell. A few people among them think about this practically and seriously, making up their minds to leave such habits. I have many such friends who end up a comment to me when I ask them to quit smoking –‘whatcan I do buddy, can’t live without smoking! I give a smile and walk away but as they’re my friends, I suggest them to drink this juice regularly.

What are the affects for people who smoke!

You may be surprised listening to this- there are more than 16 million people in all over America who suffer from serious health issuesdue to smoking every year. It’s not about their life but also it’s a challenge to their loved ones– Who will be the next to earn for their family? Think about this! Ok- You must be aware of smoking causes problem to lungs- right? I have listed here a few problems that arise due to smoking and these problems are related not only to one part of the body but to every part of the body:

  • Cough
  • Headache
  • Stroke
  • Blindness, age-related muscular degeneration
  • Pneumonia
  • Diabetes
  • Fertility problems in both men and women
  • Respiratory problems
  • Immunity problems
  • Cancers in almost all parts of the body

These are some of the common problems which you come across. It’s understandable that you’ll not be able to quit smoking but you can try preventing the effects caused due to smoking. It is possible and can be carried out through a process which takes out the toxic from the lungs. There is a drink which you can prepare at home and drink it regularly. It is beneficial to both smokers and antismoker to remove toxins from the body. This consists of only 3 ingredients and includes a simple procedure to prepare this natural juice;


It is a natural ingredient well-known in the Indian ayurvedic texts which is commonly utilized in the treatment of numerous diseases due to its anticancer, antibacterial and antiviral properties.


This 2nd ingredient is also having a special importance in the ayurvedic medicines as this is rich in anticancer properties, many experts believe that it is effective in preventing malignant conditions and respiratory problems.


Onions are rich in anti-cancer properties and used to treat the respiratory problems. Not just onion, but the mixture of onion and garlic is used because they together have a powerful anti-cancer property.

The process of preparing this juice is quite easy and you need to do is just follow the process given below:

  • Take half a jar of water in the vessel and add sugar or honey to it.
  • Heat the water until it starts boiling
  • Once you find that the water has started boiling- add the following ingredients as indicated
  • Cut the onion(about 400 grams) into small slices and add it into the vessel
  • Now cut the ginger into slices as followed with the onion and then add it to the vessel.
  • Add about 2 tbsp of turmeric powder (add all these 3 ingredients in a row)
  • Now, lower the heat supplied and allow it to boil until half the amount of water is disappeared
  • The juice is ready- so strain it and preserve it in a glass jar to cool down.

You need to take about 2 tbsp of this juice in the morning with empty stomach and the same in evening, before going to bed.So, conserve the juice by keeping it in fridge.