Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Impetigo: Causes, Dietary Food And 4 Homemade Remedies To Cure Impetigo

Impetigo:  Causes, Dietary Food And 4 Homemade Remedies To Cure Impetigo

It is most widely found in children than in grownups. This is because they have a weak immune system and are not so effective in fighting this virus causing disease. But, not a problem- it can be cured with immediate results. Once when I was a boy, I still remember of having the same problem and it really smells weird. I was a child and I used to scratch it to remove but it only grew worse. My mom applied various homemade medicines and thanks to my mom- finally I could go to school.

It is not so dangerous that you should avoid going to school but it is not so cool to take that ugly looking face and go to your friends. Generally, parents don’t think about it- but even have to understand the feelings of your kids. Instead of forcing them, keep up their feelings and treat it first, get cured- than send your kid back to school. Not related to this topic but a general aspect, when it comes to the matter of beauty.

Are you confused about this impetigo spreadouts? Don’t worry, this is only seen at the surface of the skin and not inside the body. No body part except the skin is affected specially the skin near nose. This bacteria forms a honey or dark colored crust on the skin, not so harmful and easy to treat. The virus involved is staphylococcus and streptococcus. It is characterised into two types called: nonbullous and bullous impetigo.

Impetigo enters the body skin through the artificial openings like the cuts, scratches and injuries. These are the primary source for the entry of these bacteria. Other entering areas may be the mosquito bite carrying this bacteria. Even in children it is commonly seen because of their infected respiratory tract and blisters can be seen below their may also spread through an infected person, even if you touch or try to go near- you may get infected.


There are many natural remedies to cure impetigo

1.Avoid scratching

The infected area should not be touched. I know that it makes you scratch and it’s unbearable but you shouldn’t scratch nor touch it as it may spread to other parts of the body. Donot allow even others to touch it or play with it. This may allow the blisters to spread. The dress you wear should also be taken care of as your clothing may get a reason to spread the virus. So keep your clothing loose near the infected areas.



This is a new remedy and a new study- experts say that when the body can kill the bacteria using the inner temperature, then why the outer body can’t kill the bacteria using the help of heat. Dryer which you use in your daily activity can be used as a home remedy to kill this bacteria and cure this odd appearance from the skin. Not a big deal, as soon as the bacteria is killed the blisters also will automatically vanish.

3.Grape fruit seed extract and aloe vera juice

It is the best anti-oxidant which has huge benifits for killing the bacteria and cure this blister. Aloe vera is used from the ancient times and till now according to me almost every disease has a home remedy as the aloe vera juice or its face mask and grape fruit seed extract is the best source through which we get the vitamins and nutrients to fight against this bacteria and produce heat to kill it.

Other remedies to cure

Oils like the olive oil must be applied at the infected areas and allowed to dry. They help in killing the bacteria. Honey can also be taken as it is one of the best antiseptic- supporting the body to fight against the bacteria. There is another solution of preparing a natural antibiotic solution to cure this blister;

  • Mix one tablespoon of white distilled vinegar in two cups of water
  • Apply this solution on the infected area
  • Allow it to dry for about half an hour
  • Now, rinse the applied paste with warm water
  • Try this every morning and evening
  • Food diet during impetigo
  • Follow a proper diet of consuming fruits at the most.
  • Also consume fresh vegetables, specially cooked and whole grains
  • Ginger and turmeric consumption is very beneficial to health
  • No meat food should be consumed
  • Oils like olive oil should be utilized for cooking and other polysaturated oils should be avoided.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are good for health.