Wednesday 17 January 2018
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How to avoid the regret within you?Don’t run away from it: be aware it will follow you!

When you do the same thing, same way every day in the life- you usually come up through a common question in your mind- what is life about? True- right? Yes, it happens in most of the times, when you’re lonely even though being in relationship or when you’re tired of the usual job you do. Work from morning to evening and travel the same way back home. I can realize your pain and you regret it for the whole life. I have regretted it too! And so are others still regretting and making themselves understand that there is nothing above this for them.

So when do you feel such a regret?

You might be not understanding the actual concept behind why are you feeling so! I that was the scenario you will never feel regret about yourself or the relationship you’re in! Instead, you start thinking to yourself what this – my life is about! Should I stop this everything and be like a saint where there is silence and I can be happy through this! Do you want to run away from the life leaving behind your loved ones? Even your parents have sacrificed and take great efforts to grow you up- so it’s your time now! If you’rean orthodox person- in case of happiness. This means that you’re orthodox about what you feel is happiness all about. Let me tell you no person can be happy until he understands himself and the purpose of his life. Even in the smallest thing there is happiness- only you should know how to cultivate it! By just giving up in life is not the solution- there is a quote you need to remember “no person has the right to success if he is not willing to accept his failure”. For you this quote resembles that you will be no longer happy if you run away from the guilt or sadness. Accept it and then watch yourself- things start becoming right to you. You will live your life with colors. But still many people don’t believe this because they wish to have the results before they go through the hard times- in fact the funniest part is you start cursing yourself watching others happy! You know why they are happy- because they have accepted themselves. But I don’t say be their mirror image and d what they do in their lives. Everyone has their own style and capability and so even you have – don’t let it go but identify within you, it is hidden somewhere.

What do you feel regret about?

As I said above you must be regret of the relationship you’re in- or the job opted to do and in the young people it is usually about the education which they usually choose. For people with relationship problems where due to various differences- you’ve come such a long way from your partner that you don’t feel or have the ability to leave- so are you confused? No! It’s just that you regret of loving your partner! My simple question to you is- than why did you love him/her? If you aren’t sure now- how were you so sure at that moment of the time? There are no answers for such question because it is related to your heart and so the person is called soul mate! Instead of such differences you don’t want the person to keep away from you! First, stop regretting and if the difference has grown up then try to resolve it by sit and talk method. Tell whatever you’ve in your heart. If he/she is your soul-mate than he/she will surely understand you! You will be like a free bird then! You’ll be so happy that you will have o regrets further. Ok- if she doesn’t understand or take the wrong meaning? Just tell about the regret you’re facing from so many days and the love you have for which was not able to say anything because it may hurt you! But today I said because I realized I was hurting myself through which even you were touched and causing hurt. This is the best option of all time to be straight and open all the time.

Now, when it comes to your job and you feel regret- I have just a simple answer to you- life is a precious gift and great people say –do the work in which you enjoy because you may not get this precious life again. Some people even think about the earning- or how much are they going to earn? What is the life about? -This was the first question you asked right? I am asking you this question- is life about only earning? Or to live your life and be happy? Think over it and then choose your path!

  • Common steps for people facing such regret or even tired of life- as they say!
  • Get up early in the morning
  • Exercise or meditate- even have long walks or jog
  • Watch the environment or the green nature- by seeing the greenery in early morning, even the experts have proved that it is good for health so if it’s good for health than naturally you’ll feel relaxed and enjoy the session
  • If possible even take your partner with you- this will surely reduce the tensions between both.
  • Come up with a timetable
  • Now, follow it without a miss

These are just some tips which everyone should follow irrespective of any regrets, but the situation today is totally different everywhere!