Thursday 18 January 2018
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How self-analysis acts like a trap for you: tips to avoid it!

We often examine ourselves asking too many questions like why and how! So why is this? We ask too many questions saying- why am I doing this? Or sometimes when you’re too addicted to something or do something wrong repeatedly! This is very weird right? No, not at all! This happens to every person when he starts self-analyzing about details that what he is doing and is he doing right? He gets too sentimental when something which can touch his heart happens in front of him and he falls under confusion that what he is doing is right or no! I have experienced this by myself when I do something wrong which I want supposed to, later after completing it –comes in my mind- am I doing the right thing? Will my ancestors forgive me for what I am doing? This even goes into spiritual thinking- the love, respect and the character they had installed within me to observe a great person within me- but what am I doing? Is this the way am I to respect them? There are many several questions I come across and I am not able to convince myself with any type of answers- now, you see that I have fallen with thoughts which I can’t come out from but instead it takes me too deep inside, this thought of self-analysis and makes me more weak in life-it isn’t about right or wrong! -Butit’s about how strong you’re! Take my advice- past is past, but the future is ahead and the present is with you, being involved in the past has no meaning instead it takes away the time you need to concentrate upon the present and the future. This is the other part – but you’re so involved with this very thought after doing everything! So anyone may laugh because if you’re too touchy than you were supposed to think about it before and understand about this mistake which you alone feel and the world will see is only the success you’ve achieved.

From where do you develop such a self-analysis?

It’s what you learn from your parents- they teach you in a purpose that you develop into a good character and do after thinking about it so that you don’t go wrong anywhere or fall down hitting a stone! You know parents are our first teacher- starting from the birth, they help us to speak- help us to walk and what a proud moment for them- they record everything and keep to show you in future, also this is even a lesson one among them from our parents- the true purpose they tell us is- “think and perform the actions”, they don’t say“first do and then think”. This is the basic confusion you persist within yourself- still understand the true meaning they tried to provide you. They conveyed you an important message about life having a thought in their mind that it is necessary to make you understand about a simple part of life i.e. think before you do and the motive behind being we are responsible for our actions or some mistake which we do- always follows us and doesn’t leave us until the proper equal calculation is done! Isn’t it funny? Yeah, I now you must be laughing at this, but I have personally experienced where it has happened with me and how much ever you try to avoid- one or the other day it is going to come to you! After all they’re your parents and have more experience – this is what their experience speaks. Is till respect my dad because I know through which situations he had been through and still he is strong facing them. Got our family from the crucial times to a very good position now! So is your family and understand the true meaning behind what they teach and give stress to it- because they are your only teachers who will teach you about life and no other will teach you expect you yourself!

Now, what to do!

Stop thinking—- Ya! I know its human brain and you can’t let do that because you’ve been persisting such thoughts for years and to change it within seconds is a very tough job, but no other solution than changing it or a better solution is let your brain think but think about something else- go for something creative like to watch a movie or go to play your favorite sport or go out to have food with your mate!

There are many other ways to divert your mind and it doesn’t take much tie to divert the mind- go to a place where you enjoy and you’ll be out from it!