Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Remove Nail Polish Without Using A Nail Polish Removing Tissue

Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Remove Nail Polish Without Using A Nail Polish Removing Tissue

The easiest, commonest, and most convenient way of removing nail polish is by using a nail polish removing tissue. These are tissues available in little plastic containers, which are soaked in liquid nail polish remover. You simply take one, and wipe the nail with it, after which the nail polish comes off within seconds. One tissue can be used for removing polish from all ten nails, although towards the end, you might have to scrub a lot more, as the tissue will be dry, and covered in polish.

However, you must, at some point, have been in a situation when you didn’t have one of those tissues with you, and urgently needed to remove your nail polish. It could’ve been to apply a different colour or to fix a botched paint job, or because you were heading to a formal meeting where nail polish would look odd, or it could have been any other reason. You looked around for a polish remover, but found none. It’s a situation most of us have found ourselves in, at some or the other point of time.

However, the next time such a situation arises, you don’t need to worry!

For here are some great alternative ways in which you can remove your nail polish:

1.Apply some more nail polish

It sounds counter-productive, but it really isn’t! When you apply a fresh layer of nail polish onto an old, dried layer, it softens the older layer. So, after applying some fresh nail polish, let it sit for a second or two (don’t wait very long – the top coat might dry up!), and then quickly wipe it off. You will see that the older coat has come off, too. If all of it doesn’t come off at once, simply apply some more nail polish, and wipe until it’s clean.

2.Use liquid nail polish remover

This is an effective way of removing nail polish too, but many people avoid it, because it’s messy, the smell is strong, and the liquid gets on your hand and dries your skin. However, when in a pinch, it’s a great alternative option. Simply dab some on a ball of cotton, or any other absorbent material, such as tissue paper, or even a handkerchief. Then wrap the cotton ball around your nail, and let it sit for a few seconds, so the remover can dissolve the polish. After this, scrub your nail with the cotton ball, and voila! Your nails are polish-free and clean. But don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards!

3.Spray on some deodorant

The main ingredient in liquid nail polish remover is rubbing alcohol, and it’s the same for most deodorants and perfumes. So, although deodorant doesn’t work as well as polish remover, it can get the job done, if you are in an emergency. So, spray some deodorant onto your nails, from about an inch or two away. Don’t wait, because deodorant turns into gas very fast! Immediately after spraying, rub your nail with some cotton. Repeat the process until all your nails are clean and polish free.

4.Grab a bottle of hand sanitizer

As with liquid nail polish remover and deodorant, the main ingredient in hand sanitizer, too, is rubbing alcohol. That causes the cool feeling which you feel, when you rub some sanitizer on your palms. So, take a bit of hand-sanitizer on a ball of cotton, and rub your nails with it. It will take some time, but eventually, the nail polish will come off, and your nails will literally be a lot cleaner than before. And they’ll smell good, too!

5.Get some hot water, and a tube of toothpaste

This could cause your nails to get scratched and dry, so we do not recommend this method, but in case of an emergency, it’s worth trying. If you have none of the substances mentioned above, then get some hot water in a mug, and dip your nails in it for about ten minutes. That will make the polish turn soft and detach a little from the nail, so you should be able to peel it off with the help of your nails. However, this won’t do a very thorough job and your nails will still have splotches of polish on them. To remove them, apply some toothpaste on your nails. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then wash it off. Your nails are now perfectly clean!