Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Having A Feel For Your Liver Disorder? 4 Common Signs And Cure For The Liver Disorder

Liver is just another organ but the most important part of the body located just below the rib cage. Wow! Well protected and it has to be because it is involved in many functions such as in digestion, removal of toxic substances from the body. No other organ can be so efficient to remove other than liver. Just imagine if in one case liver was absent! Never would it be possible to a human body to live with loads of toxic in body. Now, if it is damaged even than it’s a threat to the body because in the absence of liver our body will obviously be a dump yard for waste. It’s small in size but has a big job on it and so keeping it in a good healthy condition is our job.

You must be thinking, how will the liver get damaged if it is involved to remove the toxic substances? Right, it’s correct to think but just imagine even liver is a tissue; it has a limitation to handle after which even it will break down causing to show symptoms. If you put excess load on the liver such as alcohol drinking, share of needles, having tattoos, you are on medication and many such reasons which produce harmful chemicals or viruses not suitable to liver and will cause a permanent damage to it.

Just think to yourself, why do you need to do such things? You will be harming yourself and later pay for the medication to get it all set ass before. So prevent before it is incurable. Take necessary steps if you find the symptoms given below and follow the medications prescribed by the doctor.

Signs and cure for a damaged liver

These signs can be sometimes due to some other reasons but never ignore them and once get confirmed if you get a feeling inside of some problem and diagnose it.

Swollen abdomen

Cirrhosis is the major form of lung disease. It occurs when

  • Levels of billuribin and protein increases in blood.

And why does the level of billuribin increase?

It only increases when the liver is unable to absorb the toxic substances due to increase in consumption of alcohol and meat. Meat is obvious because it is rich in proteins, and our body does not need it in excess.


Fluid builds up in the abdomen; you look like as tough you are pregnant.

Swelling also takes place in ankles sometimes due to gravity! Yes, the fluid moves down due to gravity and causes for swelling.


  • Treated with diuretics and a reduced-sodium diet
  • The fluid can also be drained outside through needles inserted into stomach
  • In severe cases, liver transplant is necessary


It causes due to presence of billuribin presence in the blood and inefficiency of the liver to remove the waste.


  • Skin color and eyes turn yellowish calling a sign for jaundice.
  • Dark colored urine and light colored stools
  • In severe conditions,
  • An uncontrollable body itching begins.
  • Can cause a loss of brain function.


  • Getting consulted to a doctor is the only option
  • The liver cells are regenerated, but cannot be completely
  • Even after you are through jaundice, liver is not proper functional yet


It is mainly due to the digestion problems and related to the abdomen issues


  • Indigestion and acid reflux
  • Vomiting attacks

In severe conditions, when vomiting occurs without any stomach or intestinal issues you need to consult a doctor

It may be many reasons why you are getting such symptoms; it must be even some other reason or also a problem with your liver.


  • Consult to a doctor
  • Get your blood checked for the content of billuribin
  • Fluid retention

This occurs because impaired liver function inhibits the body’s ability to produce and circulate proteins, which in turn causes circulatory issues that are localized in the legs, feet and ankles because gravity naturally draws fluid down to the lower reaches of the body.


  • Fluid retention in ankles, legs and feet
  • Imprint of fingers remains for seconds on infected area
  • In severe condition, it may also cause fluid retention in the abdomen


  • Treated with diuretics that trigger urination
  • Elimination of excess bodily fluids

These symptoms are common in the person having lung disorder, but the care should be taken by the people who are heavy alcoholic drinkers and used to eat junk food more often. Yes, you can have your drink and enjoy at the weekends but not every time. Don’t be addicted, it’s not good.