Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Happiness: As simple it is but not simple to implement, this simple video which transformed my life and may transform yours too!

Happiness is something which everyone seeks for but do you know exactly where to seek one?

Maybe, even I don’t know but there’s something about happiness- it is said to be found in your own inter-soul!

It does not mean that you need to meditate or all that stuff but it’s something where you can find it in others happiness where for instance- you help someone and that person praises you, so this is happiness and which can never be achieved by any comforts you own!

The happiness I very rare and it isn’t also- it’s you who can make the happiness come and go.

I’ll explain you-

But, at first have a look at the video and then I’ll explain it in brief-

People often look at their past and look at the present- they often wish for something and become very upset of things which they have but they never think of things which they have and through which they can achieve with them!

It all depends on how you take things, it may be difficult for now but later you’ll surely enjoy the fruits you’re been showered with. Don’t think much about the past- it’s gone but think about the present which is with you and look for how to make it happy!

Some people are tensed on looking upon their future!

I seriously laugh at seeing such people, it’s not because I enjoy but it’s because even I was once the same and I suffered the same which they are today until I realized about life and what is it to be happy. I realized that life is not with anybody- we are present in this instance and the very next moment, we might not be!

So why to waste this precious life in thinking such things and waste our lives, rather think of something important in life and enjoy it!

There are a certain few things you need to know about happiness which I’ve listed it down-

  • Happiness is a choice-

It depends upon you that whether you wish to be happy or no in the given circumstances. It’s based on how you take up the situations in a matter of difficulties but then it also relates to the circumstances that are you allowing yourself to be happy or you still stuck on the demands you’ve made to yourself to be happy?


  • It’s a skill-

When it comes to your professional life and your boss hands over a job to you which needs to be done in any situation then what you do?

You’ll be in a pressure but then you still know that you have a desire of doing it because you know that you need to do it and then you complete the job but then tell me, are you doing something unknowingly?

Why are you doing so, because it’s a skill that you know to do? Happiness is the same-= make something of the situations which will make you feel happy and this skill you need to learn it as early as possible!


  • Happiness increases with age-

It’s a proven fact in science that seniors tend to remember only good things more than bad things and in this process, the seniors can be seen happier than anybody else!

You should have seen them speaking only about good things which they have gone through and they no

ver speak about something which is bad enough to hurt their feelings.

Isn’t it good?


It’s good because people live longer when they are happy or smile.

So, why don’t even you start with the same process by going out with friends, hanging around with your girlfriend, making love and soon?