Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Exercises For Bedridden Patients To Keep The Body Fit And Healthy !

Till now you must have read about going to the gym or some in the park, at the most in the house exercising. But, what will the people do who can’t get out from their bed? Is it possible for them to exercise in the same way as others do? Na- it’s merely impossible. How will a person get up from the bed that can’t, then how will he manage himself to keep his body fit? There are many ways to everything. Even this can be done easily just sleeping on the bed.

You need to be just self-determined, and if the patient is not able to pick up his hand or leg, then he will need a guy to help him to raise his hand or leg. There must be many people you know, who are in the same condition and staying at the same condition makes their position pathetic. Pathetic because of the body shape and size changes, sleeping a whole day at the same place. He might be a body builder at one time before being bedridden, but now I bet you he will lose his complete strength. To keep his body same as it was before- he will need exercises to be performed which can be done only through constant exercise. Just imagine if the person who had such a fit body is the prone risk to such a pathetic- then what would be the condition of a normal person? Exercising not only keeps him fit but also checks the increase in fat and activates the metabolic process of every part of the body as in the normal person.

Follow these simple exercises:

1.Leg lift exercise

  • Lie on the bed with legs joined and arms placed on the sides of the body
  • Now be at rest in the initial position
  • Slowly inhaling air brings your right leg up to your comfortable level
  • If you can’t operate your leg, then get the leg of your caretaker and perform the exercise.
  • Keep it in the air for 10 seconds at the same position and then slowly bring your leg down to the initial position
  • Repeat the same with left leg and do it for three reps
  • Perform exercise twice a day- once in the morning and the other in the evening.
  • This exercise stretches your nerve muscles of legs and back, keeping your back nerves and backbone active.

2. Scissor legs

  • Soon after leg lift exercise, you can start with this after some break.
  • Be at your initial position, legs straight and hand underneath the hips
  • Slowly bring your legs straight right angle to the ground level, keep at the same position and as straight as possible.
  • Keeping one leg as straight as possible, bring the other leg to the ground and just above the ground again bring to the same position
  • Repeat the same with the other leg.
  • Repeat this exercise for another ten reps and come to the initial sleeping position
  • Rest for a while and repeat the same exercise for three reps.

3. Jack splits

  • Lie on the bed in your initial position with legs apart and hands interlocked by fingers facing forward
  • Now, slowly move your hands forward and your legs on top
  • As you move forward, your legs need to spread and form a V and go up
  • Your hands need to go through this V shape and come back slowly at your initial position.
  • Again repeat the same exercise for ten reps
  • Take rest and repeat the same for three reps

4.Clap your hands

  • At your initial position, in the beginning, keep your hands free spread like wings and legs joined touching each other.
  • At once lift your both the hands and bring a clapping sound, by touching both of them.
  • Now come back to the initial position and repeat the same exercise
  • Repeat the same the number of times you wish to.
  • Here, there are two benefits – one is your arm muscles get exercised, and the other is you hear the clapping sound, and this is one kind of exercise to a bed rest person. Good to reactivate the sleeping organs along with you.

These are all the basic, simple exercises to do- if you are on a bed rest or met with some accident. Don’t give stress on the injured areas but keep exercising regularly and don’t stop doing just because you have some difficulties and avoid doing it alone. Always have the help of your friend or any caretaker to avoid any further injuries.

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