Thursday 22 February 2018
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Ended playing a Blame Game? Perspective: Know all about it and surely this story will solve all your problems!

Life is full of arguments and in these arguments, we always say that we’re right and others are wrong. While we do so, we don’t understand the actual facts.

So, what do I mean by actual facts?

Actual facts are something which I might say- Truth!

In the process of proving that we are right and others are wrong – we forget whether it’s true or is there any moral value hidden behind it to say that we’re right and others wrong!

All such facts include- but there’s a more important lesson which is to be learned by every one of us and that lesson you’ll only be able to understand after you watch this video given below-

This video is really interesting but it has a very deep meaning hidden behind it and this shouldn’t be ignored.

What’s the meaning, let’s try to analyze it in a much detailed manner!

Every person on this earth has a different perspective and they have their own thinking which may differ widely with that of yours, so what you need to do?

Have you ever thought of the solution for this?

This isn’t that simple as you might be having it in your mind because people don’t like to understand it- they only wish you to accept it that they’re right and you’re wrong.

Isn’t it too tedious to convince a person that why is she/he wrong?

I prefer you to just accept it and stay silent!

You know why?

There’s a psychological reason hidden behind it and that’s something important which you need to understand- Silence speaks more than your words at times!

This phrase we hear it many times from our parents our teachers and they also stress on it as they’ve experienced about life and how is it to live in life. We shouldn’t be dogs but be as a gentlemen because dogs are faithful and are fed to make them keep faithful but gentlemen write their own ways and success stories- so be gentlemen and don’t waste your time arguing for a waste issue- this will simply downgrade your reputation and will cause a disastrous blow to your personality.

Instead, accept what the person says and try disproving him/her on the same basis which will give you a good value of reputation.

I had an experience once of my own but that was exactly when I was a kid and I started arguing with my seniors-

It was a football match and then also it was a final one!

I used to play for my school team as a defender and my work was to save goals or just block the opposite team forwards from getting the balls inside- so, what happened was that my senior who used to be a centre-half just missed the ball from his position and it was directed towards me by a forward layer of the opposite team.

I too couldn’t stop it and then it was a goal!

But later, what I did was started a blame game on him and by this, he didn’t say anything- he just said, I’m sorry!

I was stunned and said to myself- Atlas, I’m not the reason for a goal.

But then the coach shouted at me and said- why couldn’t you defend properly?

I was stunned and said- Sir, he lost the position and I am not responsible for this- he told me, I’m the last man so it’s my duty to defend it at any cost and I can’t blame it on anyone!

That was something which amazed me and then I was forced to say sorry to him!

I learned something important and felt really good because it’s the same meaning which you learned it by watching the video.