Thursday 18 January 2018
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The difference between Effort and where to make an Effort: Understand the story and it will transform your life!

Are you a hard worker?

If you are, then it’s good- you might hope for one day it would give you good results. But then, do you really know where to put that hard work so that you can get the maximum of it?

Maybe, most of us are a little confused!

Isn’t it true- that you’re confused when I asked this question?

Yes, but where would you put in your hard work?

You would be so amazed upon knowing that hard work isn’t which you just keep toiling the whole day without getting anything in return but it’s something where you get in maximum out of it. Yes, even the experience is necessary for such things where you should work hard and also know where to put in that hard work.

Why is experience necessary?

Watch out the video- it will explain you better

Did you watch it?

Now tell me, what did the old man do?

Did he work hard on the ship which was broken or did he take the whole day to get the ship fixed?

Maybe, he worked hard- you know where?

He worked hard in getting his such a huge toolbox all the way from his shop to the place where the ship had to be fixed!

But then, it was necessary as he doesn’t know what the problem was- this I would like to relate it to your exams

While going for an exam- you might bring all your sheets and study hard the entire book but then you might not be known on how to deal with the exam like which all questions might come- so you carry all your stuff with you!

But then, the question asked requires only your pen or the pencil and scale which you’ve been carrying with you all the way to exam center!

So, it’s a hard work but a smart one too- this’s just a tiny example but hardships may come in any shape and size or at any situation, so be prepared and work hard but at times work smart too!

There’s another side of this story- which you’ll be surprised to know and may also transform your thinking to a newer version!

So, I need you to first guess it by looking once again at the video and by looking at the story until its end because the last part of this story consists o something which I may call Happy Ending.

So, what’s it?

Yes, right- it’s the bill.

And what’s so special about the bill- he will charge for his repair works, right?

But then why did he charge so heavy?

Was it arguably or was he right from his side?

It’s too heavy, right? 10,000 dollars- I would make a fortune off it and that too for an old guy where he just hammered and did nothing else.

The owners are likely to think about what they saw- and they say that the old man did nothing but just hammered so such a huge amount of giving is not worth.

But, have you imagined the other side of the story?

You need to also think that if the old man wasn’t there with his experience and knowledge- where would they go?

But then, it’s a secondary part- the old man stated it well saying that he charged them of hammering for just 2 dollars but then the exact place where to hammer it cost them of 9,998 dollars.

But the fact said by the old man needs to be agreed and it’s because the machine is a sophisticated one and if someone else would have hammered at the wrong place- it would cost them more than the old man had charged them.

So, here the only thing paid him was his smart work and the hard work just paid him a little!