Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Cry till your heart: surprising health benefits by shedding out a couple of tears

Don’t you cry at the sad moments or the happy moments? You cry- right? But, don’t think that by crying you’re losing something or creating an emotional stress on your body. Yeah, if unchecked than that may cause dangerous to your health. But, I am talking about crying once a while. The tears generally come out of the eyes when you have some irritation or when you’re upset and even when there is some pain. But tears coming out of the eyes are necessary at that moment of time to keep in check with your body imbalances. You don’t cry for a long time but for a few minutes only, especially ladies cry for more time than usually the men do!

As I said there are three situations where you cry, the first one is:


In this case, if you have any irritations in the eyes or some pain in the body- you cry! – And this keeps your eyes free from irritation. For ex- dust has entered your eyes then, the tears perform an extraordinary work – they suck out the dust present in the eyes. Hence free from irritation. Even if you have some irritation in the body you do sometimes cry.


Now, I don’t have a reason why you’re crying- but for instance you cry due to any dust than these tears also perform an extra function by lubricating the eyes. As you wash and lubricate your car- in the same manner the tears perform the same function.  They keep the eyes cool and dust free.


Don’t get emotional! Many people say you the same when tears come out of your eyes during a happy or sad situations. But even now, you don’t understand why you’re crying and just tears come down your eyes. You know the reason why? The reason is to improve your mood. You may cry only up to a couple of minutes but by doing so, you’ll improve your mood and relieve you from stress if you’re facing an unavoidable situation.

The experts have also proven that emotional cry is only gifted to humans and not to any other animal. This has not been understood yet! Why? But if you don’t cry than no one will believe that you’re a human- but instead they think you’re a robot. So, cry- don’t control it- make your heart clear but don’t cry in excess. There is problem if you even cry in excess and also when you cry in limits- there is a problem. O be in your limits and bring the tears out only to maintain yourself. Apart from this there are many other benefits of crying- you must be amazed how can be it possible that crying benefits to human body, so just have a look on the below listed benefits.

4.It improves your mood

Mood- a person’s mood keeps on changing as per the situation. Sometime he is in a happy and sometime in a sorrow mood. Can’t say- so he is said to be a human, right? But, if the mood is bad- than how to bring it to normal? Have you ever thought that how the brain works on this? It is quite simple- by bringing down tears from your eyes. This process enables to control the excess of secretion of hormones responsible for a bad mood and these are removed away with the help of tears, but remember excess tears are also not equally good. Even when the mood is in happiness- the process is also the same. The tears also control the stress- which contains ACTH, responsible for stress. This content is removed from the body avoiding stress resulting in lowering the risk of heart and brain problems. It also improves the survival of the body.

5.Helps to clear our nose

Tears travel through the nasal passages where they detect the mucus and clear it off. In the worse condition, when you can’t stop yourself from crying- you find mucus coming out of your nose. This is the result due to the tears which come out of your eyes. Don’t worry but only keep in check that you don’t weep out more than your limits causing headaches and other related problems.

6.It clears the eyes

As I said above the tears clear the eyes dust accumulated during travelling or playing in the dust. As sometimes non-emotional tears can do a pathway for you to remove the dust from the eyes. Sometimes, even when you are irritated by the itching sensation in your eyes it makes you rub your eyes and remove the dust with the help of tears. But, don’t rub it excessively- by this you may cause problem to your eyes.