Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Connection Between Mind And Body: 5 Ways Emotion Affects Your Health

You hear people saying- Are you emotional? So, what do they mean by this. Or you just say –yes! I am emotional, only to gain their sympathy. Some people don’t even know the exact meaning and why they are asked often by their loved ones. It is not because to know how emotional you’re but to understand you and protect you from any mental distress which occur due to these emotions. So, from next time if anyone ask you about your emotions, don’t open up-but only say no-its ok. If it is in case of your loved one- than talk about your emotions to them, or else one fine day it will burst within you into a bigger disaster.

Are these emotions dangerous? – You must be developing this question. If this is the case, then you haven’t understood what an emotion is still. Listen, without emotions all the humans are exactly equivalent to robots. This is the only reason that we are called human beings because we are filled with emotions- we think, feel, love, response to stimuli etc – what are these? These are the feelings, emotions. But, I am speaking about the negative emotions. Not all emotions are bad for health, but only the negative emotions you need to take care of here. These emotions cause a distress in your body and slow down the overall metabolic rate of the body leading you to various problems like headache.

These negative emotions don’t arise all at once. But they are the result of some incidents in your life at that moment which you cannot handle them like the death of your loved one, getting fired from the job or even when you are in a troubled relationship. These are the ways you are effected by these negative emotions;

You start worrying a lot

  • It affects the functions of neurotransmitters and serotonin.
  • Chronic worrying can affect the spleen and functioning of stomach.
  • Improper functioning of glands in the stomach, it leads to secret unwanted chemicals – resulting in weak stomach.
  • If this increases than other symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, chest pain, weakened immunity, aging and other such related problems.
  • Builds up a pressure on the muscles of stomach
  • It also affects your relationships.
  • Even your sleep is disturbed

Get anger on others a lot

  • Negative impact on the stress hormones and tightening of blood vessels
  • Hear rate, breathing and blood pressure instantaneously increases
  • If it is often observed than you are at a high risk of coronary heart disease morbidity and may lead to death.
  • Anger slows down the healing process of the body about half down than the regular interval of the body
  • An increase in the level of cytokine can be observed
  • Cytokine is responsible to develop arthritis, cancer and diabetes.


Stress is a common issue among people who suffer from loss in finance, or in relationship breakups and many such activities where people are addicted to and cannot bear the loss of such activities. But, the health problems caused due to stress is very effective and not ignorable:

  • It leads to increase in blood pressure, sometimes asthma attack can be witnessed.
  • It also may act as the main reason for heart attacks.
  • Stress damages the artery walls and leads to heart problems
  • Leads to hair loss
  • Causes pain in the back, neck and shoulders
  • Various skin related problems arise
  • Menstrual disorders can be observed leading to defects in reproduction system
  • Diseases related to digestive system also arises


It is good but also very dangerous if it becomes a habit to people in fearing for every moment. If the fear persists in one’s mind than he it will be difficult for the person to stay in this competitive world

  • Enables in depletion of kidneys
  • It is also responsible for the problems in reproduction system
  • The energy flow in the body decreases and makes the body weaker
  • A vital drop in rate of breathing and blood circulation
  • A major drop in renal health leading to frequent urinations
  • A trouble can be sensed in the mind about the anxiety and insecurity

You become more jealous and have envy on others

Jealousy, is the major quality seen in many of the people. Yes! We are humans and it is our nature to be jealous of others. But this human nature is also a health problem causing which in limit is not a problem, but if exceeds above the limitations- it causes severe health problems

  • It causes rise in blood pressure
  • Jealous causes distraction and removes the focus from our work
  • It leads to stress, anxiety and depression
  • It directs the glands to secrete hormones in excess quantities and this leads to stagnation of blood in the liver
  • A negative impact on gall bladder can be observed
  • Increased heart rate, high cholesterol and weakened immune system can be majorly seen.

All these emotions are related to one another, so better be calm and cool. Instead, I say meditate and watch yourself how calm you are and don’t allow your emotions control you, instead you should control your emo