Thursday 18 January 2018
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Comparison between two popular yoga styles: Bikramyoga vs. hot yoga!

Bikram and hot yoga are two types of yoga practiced I different poses. I was fond of joining the yoga classes earlier this year and also wished to join the yoga classes. But didn’t have any idea what to do next? So, I thought of searching it on net and I came across this Bikram yoga- before I thought that it might be all same and not much difference is between the Bikram and hot yoga. When I had been to get some information about the yoga classes- I asked the instructor if he knew about Bikramyoga. – So he replied he doesn’t know much about it and the classes taken down here are for the hot yoga classes. I was surprised seeing that there are even types of yogas that are practiced and decided to go in detail about this bikram yoga.

So, what is bikram yoga?

I found an article on the net specifying about the bikram yoga- it was founded by a person called Bikram Choudhury. He was the founder person of this yoga which is specialized to be performed in heated room and is called the Hatha Yoga which consists of a set of 26 yoga poses and 2 pranayamas. He started his yoga college at Beverly Hills, California where he started teaching his method of yoga and developed the same. It’s known as one of the most popular styles practiced in America and the benefits of it are excellent.

Now, what’s hot yoga?

Hot yoga is practiced in a room where the temperature and humidity is set moderately. People in the east are used to practicing this hot yoga as this is cultivated from many centuries and is originate in India. This yoga is the mother of all yoga as referring to the poses and styles- different type of styles are cultivated by many people. It is also known as Vinyasa style where it is linked to a series of poses. Here, we observe that the person sweats a lot and looses a good amount of weight for people who wish to lose weight. It is a vigorous style and at thebeginning it is difficult for the beginners.

There is a lot of difference between thisBikram yoga and hot yoga, to understand it we will go into detail as listed below;

1.The workplace

  • This is the major difference you will find between the two and is not common for both of them in every aspect. The detail information is given below
  • For bikram yoga, the wall is installed with mirrors on every wall and for the hot yoga there is no installation of mirrors on the walls.
  • The reason for no walls in the hot yoga exercise is because there is a belief that mirrors only distract you from practicing and also distracts the concentration of the mind while performing yoga.
  • But, on the other hand the hot yoga believes that it creates a sense of awareness in you and provides you with full potential.


Bikram chambers and hot yoga chambers have a great difference in temperature maintained in their studios. The name hot yoga merely symbolizes that the studio of hot yoga should be hot in temperature then the of bikram studio but it is not true as you imagine, you’ll understand by the details given below

  • Bikram yoga studio is generally maintained at a temperature of 40 degree Celsius and humidity up toa level of 40%. This studio is also named as the torture chambers due to the temperature maintained.
  • The hot yoga studios have a less maintained temperature of about 35 degree Celsius and the humidity depends on the classes.

3.Duration of yoga

Even here you’ll find a huge difference between the two yoga styles:

  • Bikram yoga has a set a fixed time to practice for 90 minutes and this indicates that you need to practice Bikram yoga in the hot room for 90 minutes and that too without a break.
  • But, hot yoga is practiced only for 60 minutes and the reason is that this yoga says that your body will be free from toxins, gain flexibility and will not be dehydrated if practiced only for this much time.

4.Postures of both the yoga

  • Bikram yoga has the same fixed postures as founded by its founder i.e. only the 26 postures and the two breathing exercises which the trainer teaches the same every day.
  • For hot yoga, there are countless postures and the instructor sets a fixed posture everyday or varies it as per you’re comfortable so that it can help you bring changes in your lifestyle and keep you fit.

The code of Conduct

In case of bikram yoga there is a strict code of conduct which needs to be followed like you can’t speak o talk or even laugh at anything. You need to be focused and attentive and behave like an army style.

When it comes to hot yoga, here you can find it is a little lenient where you can listen to music, speak to others and even laugh at situations where it makes you