Thursday 18 January 2018
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Check out for whether are you a Leader or just another Arrogant Boss!

Who’s a leader or am I efficient enough to become a leader?

This is the most common question which every person has in his mind and they are still stuck in such questions where they need to act rather than think!

I’ve heard this one phrase from a much-praised person, he used to say- Never think about the past nor about the future but act on the present!

This has a great importance in your thinking characteristic and it’s because- you’re thinking about something which you need to prove to others that you’re an effective leader!

I’ve seen many times when a person is just a peasant and then suddenly he’s made the king- he forgets what he was and was he made in such a high position. In the same way, we humans forget about our past, we don’t recognize why are we help up in such a high position. It’s because to set an example for others so that they work hard and don’t let the organization down.

But instead, some try to be an arrogant boss, they think that being boss only work is giving instructions and lending hand to the workers is a matter of shame to them!

What do you think?

Yes, you must be in a [perception to say, it’s wrong- even the boss should lead at times to help his work but that doesn’t happen with you in the real ground also.

Watch out for this small video which tells a small story about a US president-

Here, in this video – I’m not specifying about any person but just trying to show the importance of a leader in the contribution of something important which is said to be a Leader.

As is the president, he didn’t hesitate to help his fellow members in lifting the log because he understands the importance of an additional energy to the uplifting of the work.

Many of the leaders try being arrogant and believe in not doing such works because it makes them think it will lose their honor but don’t forget by doing so it will dishonor your mates and a matter of doubt in your employees will doubt about your leadership!

Do you wish to seek such doubts in your fellow mates?

This is a matter of you and I don’t say that you need to so such jobs every time but try doing it at times when they need you as you’re the leader so you need to stop giving instructions rather doing it in the field is of utmost importance to set an example to your employees.

As you could see that the corporal was just yelling at them- but did he help?

He didn’t, he not only lost his importance but also lost his own dignity when he at his time used to use for his seniors.

Why don’t you set an example for your soldiers when you’re at the top most position and how them- yes, I’m with you fellas in every hard time and will never let you down in any circumstances!

Even this requires a great courage to do so and this you shouldn’t forget that with a great courage comes only when you put in an effort or think to put an effort!

You need to judge for yourself that- are you a Leader or just an Arrogant Boss!

This is been said for centuries that there’s no better judge than ourselves and for this, you need to strive hard for being a better judge for yourself because once when you do so, only then you’ll be able to prove yourself as an effective leader!