Thursday 22 February 2018
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Change in nail color and texture: sign for deadly diseases!

Nails are very important part of the body, even though many people have a wrong conception that they are just for the sake of fashion and are meant to only cut them regularly to show it clean and to color nails- nails are meant for only these purposes. Have you before thought to yourself that nails can be a signal to the upcoming diseases in your body? No! Then start thinking about this before it’s too late and before you become the guest to a deadliest disease. Many people who know- aren’t still aware that which color of the nail symbolizes for which symptom of the disease. Yes! Even I know that its difficult but getting aware of this is very important and our ancestors say it – Prevention is better than cure.

So, how you’re going to identify it?

This question exists in all the people – before even I used to think that what should be the color for a person who is normal and as a kid I used to check for everyone’s nail and compare theirs with mine, after which I would be self satisfied and everyone had a weird feeling- why is this boy doing so? This was because usually only girls used to compare in such a manner and that too to compare their nail paints. When I understood about this- I broke out in laughter on myself! Yeah. Many people when they come to know about such facts do the same weird thing. It was very important for me then you know about this color pattern of the nails and dropped in by my family doctor to enquire about this. So, he explained it to me that in general all the people have their nails pink or reddish in color. But, people who are suffering from different diseases or under the influence of obtaining a particular disease show the change in color. I was enthusiastic to know more about this and so wished to know more so he continued saying that when people suffer from a minor change in the body temperature like fever, dengue or some other fungal infection then we come across a change in texture and color of the nail. I suddenly looked up at my nail and asked for him- he replied, there is nothing to worry but you need to make sure that you observe your nail once a month and its texture too- because it may also indicate an early signs of serious health issues linked to heart, thyroid, liver etc.

So, it’s necessary that you bring it into medical intervention when you find such changes and make sure that you don’t ignore such changes in color or texture in the nail, do this before it’s too late to prevent it! There is a list of colors which you may find when you’re in a threat for the related disease:

1.Pale yellow nails

It is a serious threat to your health and this sign shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. In most of the cases it is a threat of some fungal infection but there are also possibilities of thyroid problems. Some doctors found in the rare cases that the patents were suffering from serious health issues like lung disease and even diabetes was detected.

2.White nails

When your body is lagging in protein content then lookout for your nails, they are turning white -especially along the rims and this is a serious issue because if it is left unchecked and necessary steps aren’t taken then it will develop into a liver disease.

3.Split nails

In most of the elders you can find this nail splits, where the nail just cracks and splits moving out from the nail bed. This is seen because of abnormal circulation of blood and thyroid disorder. It will further develop into advanced stage of diabetes.

4.Bluish or black fine lines on nails

This is common and observed when your tip of the nail is hit hard to some object, we often don’t care about it much and it’s also because it will get cured by itself after a couple of days. But don’t be so confident of it because the experts say that- it can also be the possibility of lung cancer or the skin cancer. See- such a small ignorance will cost you a lot, so never ignore even a small symptom or change in your body.

5.Spoon shaped nails

Iron deficiency or anemia can result into a spoon shaped nail. This also occurs due to blockage of blood circulation to the nails and this blockage is possible only when there is a thyroid and heart related problem in the body.

6.Deep lines across nails

This problem occurs only when there is a deficiency of zinc in body. These lines are also called Beau’s line which leads to mental retardation, hair loss, eye problems and increased weight loss.

7.Clubbing of nails

This is the sign of the most deadly diseases like lung, heart and liver diseases. Many people are also found of suffering from AIDS (who have such a nail developed).  Here, the nail takes a curve around the finger and also enlarging the tip of the finger.