Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Castor Oil NOT JUST AN OIL But An Important Ingredient For Beauty Products

Castor oil one of the popular ingredients in production of beauty products by the beauty care companies. It is extracted from the seeds of the castor plant, and it’s colorless or pale yellow color. It’s highly used in beauty products due to its presence of ricinoleic acid; this is the mixture of omega-9 fatty acid and a hydroxyl acid. This is also rich in proteins and anti-inflammatory properties responsible for the beauty care. Castor oil due to such reasons is the most important component in any beauty product. You can observe the contents available in the beauty products you purchase- castor oil is also listed in the list of ingredients. But don’t use castor oil directly on the skin but needs to be mixed with some ingredients’ to rule out any side effects that may cause due to castor oil. Also if you’re allergic then consult your doctor and then make use of this product. These are the benefits to skin you get utilizing castor oil:

1.Reduces wrinkles

This oil enters in the skin holes and doesn’t clog it instead it repairs the skin innermost tissues to remove the wrinkles and the scars on your skin. It doesn’t cause ay side effects like accumulation in the skin and blocking the metabolism but instead acts in the opposite way- it clears the dust or repairs the damaged skin due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Now follow this procedure if you’ve wrinkles;

  • Take few drops of castor oil in your hand
  • Now, gently massage the oil in your hand on the face in the clockwise direction
  • Do, this procedure only before going to sleep
  • Do it for a couple of months to get a better result

2.Maintained eyebrows and eyelashes

There is an ingredient called follicle which helps in nourishing the eyebrow and eyelashes. This follicle is rich in proteins, vitamins and fatty acids. If you are facing a trouble due to thicker eyebrows and eyelashes, than your one solution is castor oil. It is a stimulating and nourishing oil of the hair follicles and involved in promoting their growth and also in fighting bacteria infecting the development of hair. Follow these steps;

  • Take a cotton swab and dip it into the castor oil
  • Apply this cotton swap on the eyebrows
  • Follow the same procedure for every night and continue the same until you have eyebrows of thickness you wish
  • Now, for the eyelids, apply this cotton swab on the eyebrows by closing your eyes
  • Do the same procedure for every night
  • And continue the same until you have a good result

3.For dry skin

As we know that this oil penetrates deep into the skin without causing harm to the skin instead repairs the dead and infected skin. It is the same reason- it is utilized for dry skin. It is rich in proteins- fatty acids so it keeps in maintaining the health of skin and glowing, promoting the growth of collagen and elastin. This improvement also enables to delay the aging of the skin. Follow this procedure for people who are suffering problem with dry skin

  • Take equal quantities of castor oil and coconut oil
  • Mix these two ingredients properly
  • Now, apply it on your dry skin by massaging the oil on the dry skin
  • Let it remain on the skin for about half an hour
  • Now take a bath using a mild soap
  • Repeat the same procedure daily before having bath
  • For people who repeatedly use make-ups can follow this below procedure;
  • At night when you remove the makeup
  • Before going to sleep- apply this castor oil on your skin and go to sleep
  • Morning when your get up- you’ll find a hydrated and a fresh look

4.Heals chapped lips

Are you having chapped lips? Or dark lips? Than here is the solution for you that is through castor oil. The moisturizing property and its property to keep the lips soft and pink makes it a product to choose by many commercial beauty product companies

  • Now, to make the beauty homemade product- you need to mix castor oil and glycerin
  • They have to be both in proportions like 1 teaspoonful of castor oil and a little quantity of glycerin
  • After mixing these ingredients properly- now mix few drops of lemon juice to it and stir it properly to mix
  • Before going to bed- apply this cream and the next morning using a cotton ball wipe it off
  • Follow this process for every night to have beautiful lips.