Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Bicycle safety: 6 smart tips for A safe bicycle ride!

People nowadays worry more about safety precautions while cycling and more than this, their worry is about being hit by a car, even though cycling is not been more popular: more than a 100 million people ride cycles in America every year. But their worry is only about the safety- which can be achieved by just being attentive while they ride.

You need to be cautious and aware of the surroundings- like the traffic signals and watch out for cars, which are the major cause for threat as per the experts. You need to learn-how to ride safely and defensively, the main aspect to avoid any type of accidents.

There are several tips listed below which you can go through

1.Keep your bike tuned regularly

Often you take your bike to a repair shop only if you find some problems in the bike-like the bustedtires or problem with the chain and even if brakes are not working properly. It is better to prefer a service shop even if your bike is in good condition as you may not know when and where something bad may happen to your bike while you’re riding it! So a regular check up is good before it creates a bigger issue and become harmful to your health.

2.Pump your wheels

Make sure that your wheels are properly filled with air! Regular check up may do the work for you, as the service man will do his job of checking the pressure in the tube as per the necessity or the pressure required for the tire. A better option is to opt for a tubeless tire. It has an excellent quality of not getting you stuck in any work anywhere. There is an availability of a liquid which can be inserted into it to make sure that the hole is patched up. If you come across an incident where your tires catch up a problem than you needn’t stop anywhere to get it patched up instead its special feature to take you to your required destination will work out for you.

3.Look for the way you wish to travel

As many cyclists travel in the direction where they look at- it’s general because no one will look at the place more often where they don’t wish to travel. But, in case you’re travelling on a pavement or a road- make sure that you see the things in front of you and far away if any people or car is travelling in the same path as yours!

4.Follow traffic rules

It is common that bikers think about traffic rules- they think it doesn’t apply to them because its small and consist of no engine like as that of cars. But, if you think that you can jump the signal considering this reason then you’re in a big trouble. People often don’t understand the traffic rules are made equally for everyone and for the bikers too it is the same case. So, be I your track and follow the traffic rules- don’t try to override the traffic signal.

5.Brake with both hands

When it comes to brakes- you need to be sure that you slow down by applying brakes of the bike with both your hands. This looks more like a overkill to clamp down on your brakes when you use both your hands but if only one brake is used- there is a possibility for a crash! Is the front brake is applied and you’re at a good speed- you will more likely lose control of the bike resulting to crash down and when the rare brake is pulled all of a sudden, you’ll skid the rare wheel. Make sure that your brakes are properly maintained and adjusted so that you don’t incur with any such possible accidents. Pulling both the brakes at a time will help you maintain the balance and less possibilities of crashing down can be observed.

6.Maintain proper distance

When you’re on a busy street, try to keep some distance between you and the others- this is for your own safety- to avoid yourself from crashing others. Also a simple technique for bikers is – that they can give hand signals which can be helpful for them to divert easily to either sides they wish to travel, also it is important to observe the hand signals indicated by other bikers or signals given car indicators. Also make sure that no person jumps suddenly on your path- so to avoid this always keep an eye on your surroundings of the path.