Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Benefits Of Having A Good Posture And Tips To Obtain A Good Posture

“Sit up straight!” “Don’t slouch!” I’m sure we’ve all heard those admonishing words more than once from our mother when we were growing up. That’s what the Posture, the Right posture you should have.

What is good posture anyway and why is it so important?

Good posture is a way of doing things with more energy, less stress and fatigue. Basically posture refers to the body’s alignment and positioning with respect to the ever-present force of gravity. Whether we are standing, sitting or lying down gravity exerts a force on our joints, ligaments and muscles. Good posture entails distributing the force of gravity through our body so no one structure is overstressed.

Posture ranks right up at the top of the list when you are talking about good health. It is as important as eating right, exercising, getting a good night’s sleep and avoiding potentially harmful substances like alcohol, drugs and tobacco.Without good posture, you can’t really be physically fit.

An architect has to take these same laws of gravity and weight distribution into account when he or she designs a building. And like a building with a poor foundation a body with poor posture is less resistant to the strains and stresses we experience over the months, years and decades of life.

We’re a health conscious society today and good posture is a part of it. Because good posture means your bones are properly aligned and your muscles, joints and ligaments can work as nature intended. It means your vital organs are in the right position and can function at peak efficiency. Good posture helps contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Benefits of Good and Right Posture

1.Improves bodily alignment

When you stand and sit with your body properly aligned, all your organs can function as intended. This includes your stomach, which is why good posture may improve digestion.

2.Eliminates back and neck pain

When you have proper posture, your bones and spine can easily and efficiently balance and support your body’s weight. When you have improper posture, muscles, tendons, and ligaments have to constantly work to support that same weight. This extra, inefficient effort can lead to back and neck pains and tension headaches. Focusing on improving your posture can go a long way to remedying these problems.

3.Improves breathing

To work efficiently, your lungs need room to expand in your chest. When you’re slumped over, your rib cage collapses a bit, leaving less room for your lungs to open, which in turn causes inefficient breathing.

4.Improves memory and learning

Recent Researches have shown there may be a connection between good posture and memory retention when learning new things. Why? It’s theorized that since good posture enhances your breathing, it allows you to take in more oxygen, and when you take in more oxygen, your cognition improves. (Fact: your brain uses about 25% of all the oxygen in your body.)

5.Makes you look taller and slimmer

Some poor posture positions cause your belly to protrude, giving you a “beer belly” profile. And slumping over makes you appear shorter than you are. Standing up straight will correct these issues and improve your appearance.

6.Makes you look confident and powerful

When we stand in an upright position, people perceive us as having high status.

7.Improves mood

Not only can standing and sitting with good posture make you feel more confident and powerful, it can also boost your happiness.

8.Improves Concentration and Mental Performance

Testosterone is the hormone released when you sit intact, in a right posture required. The increased concentration and mental performance is likely caused by the increased testosterone and decreased cortisol levels.

How to achieve good posture??

Your overall goal with posture is to have a “neutral spine”. A neutral spine retains three natural curves: a small hollow at the neck’s base, a small roundness at the middle back, and a small hollow in the lower back. To achieve correct posture while standing, the ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles should align in one straight line.

Hang your hands down by your side. If the backs of your hands face forward, then you’ve got rounded shoulders. If your thumbs face forward, then your shoulders should be aligned for good posture.

Where most folks mess up with shoulder alignment and their posture is that they overcompensate, moving their shoulders back and drawing together their shoulder blades to overcome forward shoulder rounding. Maintaining this position requires your back and shoulder muscles to tense up and contract. Again, when you have good posture, your muscles should do as little work as possible to maintain your posture.

Bad habit that leads to poor posture is little to no activity. The more often you’re sitting down throughout the day, the greater the chances will be that you aren’t using good posture. Movement allows you to stand upright and decreases the amount of compression stress on the spinal column, which can be in part what leads to poor posture in the first place.

Finally, the last bad habit that could lead to poor posture is over-training your chest muscles without enough focus on the back muscles.

It’s important that you develop good balance between chest and back training because otherwise the chest may become overly strong and start to pull the shoulders forward, creating that rounded appearance that you definitely don’t want.

A way to practice good posture awareness is to stand straight up against a wall and think of pressing your back into the wall. This will help you establish whether you have a strong swayback going on, which could immediately mean there is an excessive amount of strain on your lower back.

After which, release and repeat again four or five more times. This will help you gain better control over your postural position and hopefully train your body so that when you’re standing, you automatically utilize better posture overall.

Finally, when doing your workout sessions, make sure that you do have some exercises for the back muscles included. Good back building exercises include bent over rows, pull-ups and lat pull-downs, single arm rows, Supermans, as well as reverse hyper-extensions. These will also strengthen the muscles that are required for keeping good posture, so you’re less likely to fatigue when trying to maintain it.

Also be sure to perform some exercises to strengthen the core as well, as a strong core is also vital to good posture management.

Therefore, more importantly the Strongest Weapon one should own is the ‘CONFIDENCE!’ , which is an ultimate mantra for a body and mind to be healthy and have a right response to the condition which results by having a RIGHT GOOD POSTURE again !

*A Good Stance and Posture reflect a Proper State of MIND*