Thursday 18 January 2018
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Benefits of Fasting for Cancer Patients


Short-term fasting and its treatment of tumors and help fight some cancers. Scientists breast, ovarian, and urine and suffering from cancer have been successfully tested on mice, but have not been tested on humans. Scientists from the research showed that the starving and some cancers in mice reduced tumor spread quickly.

While some of the starving mice with cancer chemotherapy was eliminated. So, scientists are researching more preoccupation up fast. Science Transnational Medicine, published in the journal during that starve cells behave differently. During dying cells but did not destroy the activity of some escape (hibernation) said. The hibernation is over the freezing of crouch organism function. While some were hungry and divided cells enhances their continued. Eventually, these cells died. Research scientist at the University Southern California, who led the team of Walter Longo said these cells are a kind of suicide. This ‘cellular’ suicide was dubbed.

He said: “We lost a few things that starve the cells recover attempted. But they tried to swap the cells did not succeed. “Scientists breast, ovarian and urine,” Melanoma ‘skin, “Glioma” tests are carried out on mice suffering from brain cancer, etc. this cancer “nerve tissue” occur. In every case, it was found that chemotherapy (cancer treatment of the burn tissue) with fasting is better than cure. 20 percent of the mice with cancer chemotherapy and more intermittent recovered due to constant hunger. Although 40 per cent and intermittent chemotherapy in mice cancer cells grow continuously closed for hunger.

Researchers have studied several times of fasting on the human body, but a man who has cancer by getting fast “to the lowered intake of calories by giving ‘research will take years. A man has cancer and other diseases; the greatest risk is that during fasting to lose weight rapidly during or may be at risk of suffering from sugar. Oncologist American Cancer Society in Chicago in June the annual meeting of the detail will be put to the test data. Pro. Longo said the two days before and one day after chemotherapy hungry can be tested in. But we do not know whether it will be able to test on humans. He is fast but out of reach of the cancer patients go from doctor to ask the patient to fast or not with chemotherapy. Pro Longo said that the treatment should not be limited to killing cancer cells, but these cells to become Digbrimit such an environment should be created that they are fasting.