Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Ayurvedic And Scientific Treatments Of An Uncontrollable Disease Like Diabetes

Diabetes is caused when the blood sugar level of the body increases or decreases. Even before invention of many scientifically based medications, the people before had this disease seen mostly in aged people. But, then there were natural medications involving herbs, plants, fruits. Later, scientists came up with tablets, treatments based on their study. What these tablets consist then? Are they containing the same content which was used in ayurveda to treat? Yes, but we see a basic difference that tablets are involved only with treating the targeted areas and concentration of that content is maximum and hence more effective, but be aware it might also cause some side-effects. Ayurvedic treatment, it doesn’t lead to any side-effects but the effect can’t be observed as early we expect. Diabetes, basically divided into two categories of type1 and type2. Further treatment we see in the categories of scientific and ayurvedic treatments.

How can we utilize Scientific treatment for the diabetes?

This treatment first categorizes diabetes into type1 and type2, depending on which type the patient is suffering from diabetes, he is been treated. Scientific researchers are still showing miracles in the invention of new medications, new form of improved tablets but still there is no cure to this disease. Now, we see the categories below at which level this is treated and also the diet to be followed,

1.Type1 diabetes remedies

It is first level disease caused due to the lack of generating insulin. This insulin breaks the sugar or glucose to control the sugar level in the body. This increase or decrease in sugar level is very dangerous to body and not less effective than the most dangerous disease. So, it becomes necessary for us to keep the insulin generating in body at perfect levels, so that body could remain fit and healthy. The first step researchers, started to think was, How to control/increase the insulin level? At such situation only option was to give insulin to the body externally. This was a successful method by artificially creating and injecting in the body. As per the prescribed doses, insulin should be given to the body. As a basic fundamental, to reduce sugar or to burn more amount of sugar, fat, carbohydrates in body, a compulsion is made to diabetic patient that he should regularly exercise once a day in the morning. Diabetic diet is important and plays a key role in presence of sugar level in the body. So, a sugar free diet is prescribed by doctor in most of the conditions.

2.Type 2 Diabetes remedies 

Type 2 is the next generation of diabetes. When uncontrollable or undetectable when in type 1, it advances to type2. We see the treatment is also a step ahead as we saw in earlier medications. The prominent factor this treatment aims at is weight reduction, dietary changes, insulin. Before, starting up with the medication patient is tested on with his health, pertaining to which the medication and the amount of doses are given. Apart from diabetes if the patient suffers from other problems and if patient has any type of side-effect problems.

After examining the patient carefully, medication is started, at first aiming on the increase in insulin production In body, similar to type1 but a basic difference is this type responds very slowly and high dose medications are to be provided. Glucose needs to be removed out of body, so doctors aim at this and later to decrease in absorption of carbohydrates in digestion system.

Insulin is generally delivered to body via syringes, insulin pump and pre-filled pens.

Apart from this, scientific researchers are doing their best to find new techniques to have control on this deadly disease.

What did ayurveda tell us about the treatment of daiabetes ?

The most ancient treatment used by our ancestors had a true based treatment and very effective but not fast as scientific. But assured to have no side-effects. We now see various herbs how helpful they are in controlling diabetes,

  • Cinnamon

It’s very common in Indian cooking. It has the properties same as that of insulin and can be taken half tea spoon of powder every day.

  • Extract from grape seed

This controls the blood sugar level in body, can take in this in less quantity every day. It is rich in vitamin E reason for this property.

  • Olive oil

Olive oil controls cholesterol and triglyceride level in blood and controls the sugar level. For the purpose of cooking oil, it can be used.

  • Aloe Vera

A multipurpose plant is very helpful to control blood sugar due to its inflammatory properties.

  • Neem

It has the properties of reducing the requirement of insulin requirements. The reasons being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

  • Soy, beans , lady finger

These all three are used in our natural food, they ll three serve the main purpose of controlling the rise in blood sugar or glucose level.

Diabetes is more related to the diet we have, so have a balanced healthy diet to prevent diabetes.