Thursday 18 January 2018
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Ayurveda to Help Treat Hemorrhoids


Most people suffer from hemorrhoids or Hamroid. The disease is the leading cause of irregular routine and diet. Hemorrhoids pain is unbearable. Hemorrhoids develop caused by inflammation of the veins around the rectum. There are two types of hemorrhoids, internal and external. Does not feel the inflammation of the veins in the internal hemorrhoids while external hemorrhoids have anal swelling just outside the window.

Hemorrhoids are very easy to recognize. Followed by pain in the rectum during defecation bleeding, itching is a symptom. This becomes inflamed in artery. Ayurvedic medicines can be found by following rid of hemorrhoids.

1) Lemon:

Anima means of lemon in half to two anal stay. After an interval of 10-15 minutes while the toilet then it should continue to do. Use it once a day to 4-5 times. Using it 3 times in benefit of piles.

2) Cumin:

It contains about two liters of whey mix 50 grams ground cumin and a little salt. Whenever thirsty then drink water instead of the residue. Four days using it to cure hemorrhoids in warts. Put ½ tsp cumin powder or drink a glass of water.

3) Blackberry:

Berries and mango seed kernels make the powder and make it dry. A spoon of this powder with lukewarm water or residue intake is beneficial in bloody piles.

4) Isabgul:

Using isabgul husk relieves irregular and hard stools. It also remains clean and somewhat stomach does not have much pain wart.

5) Black cardamom:

Large cardamom is also very good treatment to remove hemorrhoids. It consumed about 50 grams to burn the large cardamom roasted pan with it. After grinding the cardamom, Let it cool. Every morning on an empty stomach to take this powder with water cures hemorrhoids.

6) Raisins:

Put 100g raisins in water at night and in the morning, should be mashed in the water. The daily intake of water in a few days will cure the hemorrhoids.

Other measures:

¼ teaspoon cinnamon powder with one teaspoon honey should be taken once daily. Piles are destroyed. Daily intake of myrrh or hair prop. Hemorrhoids (piles) on the benefits of castor oil. Neem oil on warts, take 4-5 a drop of this oil to provides relief in piles of every day. Phunchanevali rest cream, ointment, etc. which can be used to the rest of the pain and itching.

The use of these drugs in addition to the usual activities to keep your fruits, vegetables, brown rice, brown bread diet like it. Take plenty of fluids in large quantity.