Thursday 18 January 2018
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Be Aware of Cervical Cancer


Cervical cancer is a common disease in women today. The more common of these is as dangerous. It is also called the uterus, cervix or Uterine Cervix cancer. Cervical cancer is caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

Look at the statistics; it was two years ago, more than 74 thousand women from cervical cancer in the deaths of nearly 2 million 73 thousand women are killed in India and around the world is the result of cancer. However, it may be possible to reduce its severity through the exercise. Cervical cancer is the safety alert to get rid of the disease. Here’s how it can be avoided by staying aware of cervical cancer.

1)    Keep special care of the clean-up:

Home Cervical cancer is cancer of the uterus in Cervix. It may be on the inner and the outer surface of the uterus any. Awareness and a little care can prevent cervical cancer. Always take care of the cleaning.

2)    Do Test on time:

Difficulty or pain when short pretest on women, HPV Test, and have the Test colposcopy. Which can identify underwent treatment at the time of the impending danger?

3)    Care of the physical relationship:

Do not make physical contact with the first time. Cervical cancer is the sex, so kindly make use of a condom during sexual relations. In addition, if you are making more than one sexual relationship with a partner is still the risk of spreading the virus remains, there is a need to be careful in these cases.

4)    Focus on Food:

Cervical is responsible for catering are very like the spread of cancer. If your diet chart is the lack of fresh fruits and green vegetables that are at increased risk of developing cervical cancer. So, add the healthy and fresh fruits in your diet. And with the same priority in the diet of vitamin-rich food.

5)    Don’t Fear When Diagnosis:

Cervical cancer is not afraid to be one of, have completed treatment and complete information from the doctors. It is treated with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy on cancer. You can also avoid the cervical cancer symptoms cervical cancer by address. If the address is in the startup of any cancer, it can be contained on; any such deal would not just negligence.

Take precautions:

  • Immediately contact the doctor without excessive pain and bleeding and the time in the form of physical contact with irregular menstrual bleeding and lightweight to be more.
  • Urine to be a problem in passing a burning sensation, a significant amount of white liquid spills, waist, pain in the legs, etc., also fall into the symptoms of cervical cancer.
  • Many women think that it is not possible to have this type of cancer is cervical cancer in adulthood, but may also be 20 years of age.
  • The cancer is curable. Consult the doctor and take the treatment properly.