Thursday 18 January 2018
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Attention and Care: Everyone needs it and deserves it from you!

Love and care are the two important pillars of life on which this life I standing upon but at times we don’t understand the real value of this and we just ignore for our personal benefits or just because we don’t feel that’s important!

So, what we need to do?

Or what do other expect from us?

You know, people don’t expect from us anything but all they wish to have is a little love or attention and a little of care which they deserve to have.

If you’re able to give them just a little time of yours then it would be something else and this will make you feel happy than before.

I can understand that you’re too busy with your work but by spending just two minutes from your busy schedule wouldn’t be of a great deal.

Think about it but meanwhile watch a video which is related to this-

Isn’t it amazing?

I mean for a particular grade you need to know the name of a custodian?

I guess you should get a high grade!

But then, who knew it?

If anyone had a clue that they should know a custodian’s name then it would be that they would know every custodian’s name.

Here, we understand something- we know everything but we don’t know about a person who’s there to keep our surroundings clean and we just ignore him just because he isn’t important in our lives!

I had a story with my girlfriend, a little one which led to a big fight. It was like a big volcano- full of lava deposited for so many days has come out.

I am a busy person a  writer and also with other such things where I couldn’t get time to speak to others nor even hang out with people. I threw myself into such a busy schedule that I even started ignoring my love.

I didn’t realize at that moment of time but then something started happening, we started having fights- arguing and complaining about not giving time to her. I have become workaholic and so on!

And even though I didn’t realize that what I was doing was totally wrong but until I realized it was late by then and I didn’t get another opportunity to convince and br8ing her back.

It was everything where I had done wrong but this moment of time was like an examination for me on life and I had to get through this so that it doesn’t affect my future.

So, what had to be done, any idea?

At a moment, I completely lost my hope that she would come back but then I realized it from one of her friends that she was doing all that to make me realize.

And she did it!

I realized that what feelings arise in our heart when someone close to it ignores. This was truly incredible and I was left stunned when I first heard about her smart trick to make me realize and this smart trick of hers has not only changed me but I spend every weekend completely with her.

You know- it’s now just about spending time but also it makes you feel relaxed and something’s giving back to your pains and hard work which you’ve taken up the whole week.

I am feeling it great but then one more thing- don’t just spend time with your girlfriend or just with your wife but do remember that there other people also present in life who’re equally important and this life which you’re going to live only once needs to be distributed equally so that you later don’t repent that, I missed something really important in life!