Thursday 18 January 2018
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Aspirin Reduced the Risk of Breast Cancer & its Recurrence


An aspirin headache and general aches and pains are taken in the general medicine. The drug is also known as acetylsalicylic acid. It is a salicylate drug. But, also helpful in getting reduce the risk of breast cancer in women.

Several studies on aspirin and breast cancer faced in the results are quite pleasant. But before giving the drug to patients in this direction need to be further explored. Aspirin prevents the progression of certain types of tumors and affects them.

What Research Says:

According to new research drugs such as aspirin and anti-Inflammatory Brufen prevent recurrence of breast cancer in women marched thick. University of Texas Health Science Center, the Cancer Therapy and Research Center (CTRC) tested the blood of breast cancer patients. They kept the blood samples of fat cells in the environment and the level of these samples placed in cancer cells. They found that obese women’s blood samples of breast cancer cells began to rise relatively rapidly. Based on this research, the researchers CTRC another research on patients. The researchers found that patients who drank 2 Steaks breast cancer rates were lower again flourish.

University of Chicago breast specialist Dr. Loya. Sheryl Graham According to a historical study. Not the other way around with the use of aspirin reduced the chances of a tumor.

What are cancer:

Blue 10 out of 100 cases of breast cancer are due to heritability, but change the gene in cancer is 100 per hand. Genes, the surrounding areas, and Lifestyle these three factors together increase the risk of cancer in one’s body.

Own identity:

The age of 20 every woman period starting 5-7 days every month. After that Breast, should be examined, from bra line to the lower end of the collar bone, the neck and the sides too little, try pressing your three fingers together. Walking directions are in normal speed and fingers.