Thursday 18 January 2018
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Arthritis can Occur in Youth


Diseases which were previously only to the elderly, young people now have even started getting this disease. Experts say, due to changing lifestyle diseases. This problem is more spreading in the major cities. Until a few years ago, was considered a disease of elderly arthritis only, but the problem is also in the youth.

Before, a knee problem occurs after the age of 50, but now it takes 40 years to answer the same knee. 20-year-olds sometimes even have knee arthritis pain, and other symptoms begin to appear. According to the younger generation (aged 30-40) of one percent (one in 100 youth) have faced problems like a knee problem. Experts believe a big reason for this casual lifestyle.

1] Do not ignore pain:

If you walk a bit before your knee starts to run only after the pain in your knees or are too uncomfortable to sit in the chair, stair climbing, so it’s hard to sit legged is may be symptoms of arthritis. Shortly you should consult an orthopedic specialist. If your knees hurt in the past, you need to be more careful.

2] Do not exercise more deadly:

Many times, knee pain, people start to exercise more, they believe that their problem will be solved. While many times this situation can backfire. This has an impact on your knees. Discomfort in the knees means greasing them (lubrication) lack of breathing space between the bones is reduced. So, if you take them harder cartilage (bone covering Rubbernuma winded up) fear of rubbers. In such a situation, there are to be rested knees.

3] The young are not immune:

The central part of the body’s kinetic chain knee joint role the works of connecting the hip and ankle. Adult or old age problem usually occurs in the knee, but the young are not immune from this. Sai Ganga Ram Hospital doctors said ON Negi problem with the disease usually does not see any signs of it in the beginning, nor any acute pain or inflammation appears. It is a bit of pain and discomfort. The alarm is necessary.

4] See the knee in the glass:

To identify the problem of the knees, standing barefoot in front of the mirror carefully look at their knees. Should not stretch the legs. Then a marker pen in the middle of the knee joint and ankle brace Draw a line between the point. If this line is perfectly straight, is not defined as a problem of the knees. If any messed up walking a few steps in front of the mirror will be revealed. It will be soon as the line a little bit skewed.