Thursday 18 January 2018
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ANGRY ALL THE TIME? 3 Exercises to Keep Your Mind Calm

Exercising, and especially in the morning is the key to remedy for every problem. Let be your foot, head or any part o your body. Exercising is the must- in day to day life. We live in a world today where we find no physical exercises but more mental works. We take all the tensions in our brain as if a super computer. Yes! It’s a super computer, but even it has some limitations and when it crosses that limitation- you can sense that you have symptoms like headache or some pains which you don’t realize why is it so- you get tensed due to such symptoms and even anger at extreme conditions. You will be surprised at yourself after some moments seeing that- you were angry on someone and the reason was just go away case. There are many reasons behind it- one may be due to the improper metabolism of the brain cells due to some work or any other reason.

So how to avoid it?                                                                                                       

There is lots of solution for this- you can visit a doctor, go to exercise daily, meditate and even yoga. But, people don’t have time is their usual dialogue we come to hear. Is it important than your health? You should always make your health as the first preference then the others. Haven’t heard about this- if there is no proper health than what’s the use of having everything? Even I think about it many a times- it has some truth and I think we need to follow it. So how you can prevent it? I mean how you can be calm? Have you ever thought about a solution or only addicted to the tablets prescribed by the doctor? I say- why not exercise? It is the best solution to not only keep your mind calm but also to your overall health and you will be the most active person for the whole day. And now which all exercises that I can do? Right! So, these are simple basically you can also do it, at any leisure time as per you’re comfortable:

  1. Dancing

Dancing – you can call it an exercise or a hobby. For many people who dance or professionals, you observe that they have a good physical body and even good mental stability, and why is that so? It’s because of dance- your every body part moves while you dance and the sweat you throw out removes the hypertension content and helps you keeping your head calm. The breathing moments and the various structural dances enable you to improve your mood. As per study, it has been recorded that people suffering from problems like anger, anxiety, depression- dance gives them  platform to have successful decrease in these problems.

It not only keeps your brain cool but also your heart is safe. It increases the metabolism of the overall body to help them work smoothly. Self-confidence is another type of mood, which can be seen, is considerably high in the people from dance community.

  1. Cycling

Have you ever checked in your childhood? Almost everyone has! It is the best sport and the fun is when we are handling the sports cycles. These are completely loaded with gears and other modern biking equipments. Apart from fun it offers- it also offers us with a loaded health benefits especially in keeping your mind calm! Don’t say I am so tensed that no matter whatever I do but my head isn’t calm! At least try cycling once a day in the morning and know how fresh you feel about your mind. It feels like you have waked up from the dark and following towards light. Generally, many intelligent people like travelling by cycle. Even the doctors don’t get their superfast bike but get their super fast cycles. While cycling you forget about your personal tensions and get attached to the surroundings- watching he beautiful surrounding you get totally diverted and cool up your mind. The whole day you act the same- being silent and smart upon your work. So, no more angry mind is present within you –only a calm mind is available.

  1. Music

The tradition of listening and composing music is followed since ages. The main reason being – it keeps mind cool and calm. There are many types in music- but I prefer songs with cool and silent ones, not the hip hop ones. The silent ones reduce your stress, anxiety and many other neurological disorders. Many people sleep listening to music- see! How effective is music. You can also to this while travelling to your office. Also, you can listen to music while jogging. In other words, you can listen at any time you wish to- it’s too good for your health and the best way to keep your mind calm.


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