Thursday 22 February 2018
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9 things you should never do when you come to know about your spouse’s affair!

The worst situation and terrifying in a woman’s life who is married when she comes to know about her spouse’s affair! Everything can be tolerated but an unfaithful spouse can’t be tolerated! You know why? A woman can tolerate anything in her life- her failure in job, if the child is sick: she will take every necessary step to help her child get well. She can tolerate anything except the affair of her spouse.

It is the same way when you throw acid on the grass and everything burns out! This is the only situation which can’t be fixed and tolerated or else anything can be by a woman. But, I would like to say cheer up and there are many steps which you need and most importantly not to do:

1.Don’t break down

I had an affair with a guy and finally a day came when he told me that he is in love with someone else. I shouted within me – Oh crap! What the hell- I guess, I need to get drunk today and I was seriously filled with grief, calculating the number of bottles at home and thinking to get some more! Suddenly, it struck my mind, why should I be affected when he isn’t worried about me. So I took a deep breath inside. Later, closed my eyes and counted up to 10. Opened my eyes and there I was standing with peace of mind!

2.Don’t be in a destructive mood

Common lady, cheer up! Why you wish to destroy things by removing the anger on them- keep the anger within you- especially for your spouse, it is you who arranged everything right? So, don’t get into such messy things instead you can have a visit to movie and enjoy the show! Later handle your spouse with care!

3.Keep your kids away from this

Kids are still small enough to understand such matters ad getting them into such matters can impact them! So, better keep them away from this. Make sure you send them to their granny’s house or out to play while you discuss this matter with your spouse.

If the situation gets worse and you wish to leave with your kids make sure that you don’t tell your kids about your spouse as it will create a negative impression on the kids about the spouse.

4.Don’t blame yourself as a victim

I have seen women having this blame game- saying OMG! I deserved this, whatever has happened to me is right because I loved the guy from college and now I get this reward for love. I didn’t respect my parents and now this is what I have to suffer- what all shit do you’ll talk and blame yourselves. Please! Stop! This is nothing related to you. This is all just a blame game and should be stopped.

5.Don’t be physical

The emotions must be falling out and in one part of your brain – a desperate feeling to beat him up! Don’t do such foolish things but instead be cool and calm. Trust me, you’ll regret for this later. Mark my words and remember this that being silent is more powerful than physical. Your silence speaks out to him and will hurt him inside at the most. You should also not forget that the pain and regret you give him is more powerful then you’re physical.

6.Don’t dare to think that your life is to an end

Never think about this that your life has come to an end because it’s not! You’ll never know that your second life is better than the first and you may be happy then you were before. There are many complications running into your mind which I can understand but learn controlling these complications and understand where were the mistakes you committed which you don’t continue in the second.

7.Don’t play like it to be a stupid game

It happens when you come to know and at a sudden everything opens. You file a divorce and in this term of process- he takes his girlfriend who is younger to him in a Ferrari and you think of dating a guy who is younger to you! Later, you take the kids to a picnic destination, watching him that he has taken them to zoo. This is nothing but playing foolish things around, no one will be in benefits with this, instead you’re just trying to make him jealous but he isn’t. This, you turn up in the court saying the expenses you made up for the kids. This is a total bullshit! So better stop this.

8.Don’t start talking about it with friends

It’s a natural tendency of a woman that she starts calling up a common friend and asks about her/his relationship status then you flood up with tears thinking about what your spouse has done to you and then later you gain nothing. Seriously! It’s the truth- instead you’re making yourself really bad in front of your friend! It’s ok- to share such sensitive matters with close friends and family, they will provide you with some advice and help you solve the matter but by calling up a common friend, you’re messing up things.

9.Don’t get into fights with the girl your spouse is in relation with!

Your ego and anger has reached up to heights that you wish to trash the girl because of which your happiness has come to an end and its true- that everyone feels! But, I would like to say that it’s not the girl but it’s your spouse because of which your happiness has come to an end! So, avoid doing such things.