Wednesday 17 January 2018
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9 Reasons To Make A Decision To Own A Dog And Bring It To Home!

Thinking to get a pet at home? It’s a good thought to bring a dog at home as a pet and it’s not just a trend from now but it’s from centuries and it is proved that dog is the only faithful animal to the human. It’s so faithful that not only being your pet- it will even protect your house from any threats.

Read the below given points that why you need to prefer dog while choosing a pet for your home:

  1. They are trained

When you adopt a dog- it is been trained before by the old owner, so this makes your life easier and it will come with no troubles about teaching it or it doesn’t happen that it will distract you in your work. One can say that it will be a member of your family!

  1. You’ll be saving a life

If you hadn’t adopted the dog then it wouldn’t have been easy for it to survive- it would be left in the streets and later it would strive to find a place for shelter and food. This is not so easy even though many dogs survive but we can’t predict it.

This is a good idea of bringing it home so that at least one dog you’re protecting.

  1. You can train them

The puppies you get from the pet store- are still young and small which don’t even know about their parents, so these puppies can be trained easily as per your living style and which will make you feel comfortable with the dog you’ve bought- the only reason you’ll be comfortable is because I has adjusted to the environment you’ve provided to it!

  1. They help you relax

Tired of work? Or tired by getting stuck in the heavy traffic? You can find a solution of relaxing yourself is with the help of your dog. Playing with it around is a way by which you can relax and enjoy the moments. These moments become memorable which you never forget and this will continue regularly for years.

  1. They are always ready to learn new tricks

You can take them to parks or any other places of such and teach them new tricks- they take it as a game which they never forget and love to do so.

So- this is a good point for you, by this method you can also relax and enjoy because you’ve a faithful dog which will do whatever you tell it to do so.

  1. They’re good with kids

Kids love to play with dogs and enjoy trying different proactive things around them which the puppies aren’t used to. When you consider a mature old dog- it is used to these tricks of kids and doesn’t care much about it. So preferring a mature old dog is good on your behalf rather than a puppy which gets irritated by the kid’s proactive things.

  1. You wish to get a pure breed- you’ll get it!

Many people are in an impression of getting a purebred and wish to show off.

Yeah! Why not? You’ll get one and which you can get one in the pet shop or from someone else. That’s not a big deal! You can have your dream come true and if you’ve set to get a particular breed of dog which you’re fond of or your kids are fond off then surely you’ll get one in the market.

  1. The dog feels great

You know why? Have you ever thought before of spending weeks or months in the same cage?

So is the same with your pet- after remaining in the same cage for months and seeing the new home and an open yard, they’ll be excited and also nervous for a few days until they get adjusted to the change.

  1. You’ll be a social media hero

Posting some photos with your pet and along with it some experiences with your dog- calling it the best friend in your life and many other such experiences will make you a hero in the social media and in between your friends.