Thursday 18 January 2018
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8 things that therapy taught me which I couldn’t have learnt by myself!

Today I had been to see my therapist. Yes! I am serious- saying so because many people don’t believe when people say that they had been to see a therapist. But, I am happy to say so! She is a kind-hearted, middle aged blonde and this is one of the secret that I visit her regularly.

I don’t get one thing- why people get afraid to say that they had been to a therapist?

There are many reasons, which I can understand- one among which is because of the society they live in! People think that the person going to a therapist is a weird, crazy and other such issues. You know, everyone is weird, crazy and it is not a big issue that you visit a therapist but instead it helps you to recover many issues, helps you to understand yourself better, and helps you to have a good week and so on. I keep my schedule fixed to meet my therapist every week and it’s been more than a year that I am visiting her and through this term- there are many things which I learnt by going to a therapist, which I have listed below:

1.My inner critic

I learnt something which I never knew about myself while we both were having conversation. It was my inner critic and which I realized that it isn’t so rough and tough at all. I was surprised that I had an inner critic and she made me realize that I was talking something but wasn’t fixed to it.

It was like a magic! It surely will help me in making decisions on my finance or judging myself, I wasn’t so assured at all, but by visiting her regularly- she made me focus on which I call my inner critics.

2.About coping with mental illness

I often used to assume before going to a therapist that coping with one’s illness is a natural gift. But, after which I joined a therapist – she proved me wrong and then I realized something which made me feel strong.

It was nothing but something which we should learn, let it take years but you can only learn cope with your mental illness and the one who says that it a birth gift to people then I would like to suggest them to see my therapist!

3.Awareness of triggers is necessary

So, basically what are your triggers? Have you thought about this creepy fact? No matter, everyone at some point of their life thinks about it and understands, but there are a few people who still don’t know about their triggers.

Finding out your triggers is the most important part of your life to success. In my example, I didn’t like to go to college after my high school but after my mom’s death- she had only one wish that I should do good at college and this wish struck my mind and became a part of trigger- you can name it as an emotional trigger.

I didn’t realize it until I stepped into a therapist and she made me realize about what this was!

4.Considering a safe space can cause be the dangerous part to your mental health

A safe space- I had a strong feeling to have spaces with people so that it’s good for me and what made me turn into a dual nature without my concern! I didn’t want this- instead I drew this line called as a safe space so that I don’t get into any conflicts with people but when this created a mess to me itself, couldn’t even realize it neither it gave me an opportunity to have a look.

My dad once saw me talking to myself- he observed me carefully then after that I avoided going to play, spending whole day at my room alone doing some creepy things, this is how I got into a therapist and there I realized that how creep I had grown, she was amazing- I have to say it!

Her words made me come out of this mess and now no more such creepy things I think about, if something goes through my mind, the first thing I do is to talk to my therapist about it.

5.There is nothing worse in life, and even though if it happens-it’s not the end

A natural human tendency if he is in any worse situation- shit man! What a worse thing has happened to me, it’s the end of my life. Sorry my friend- it’s not the end but just a part of your life which is like the same you must have faced before.

Don’t worry, even I had a same feeling as you did- but thanks to my therapist, she made me realize it was not that which I thought!

6.“Should”- It “should” be banned

You listen to your parents often saying – you should be graduated till now! I have heard this a million times from my dad, but not just him even I had a habit to use.

I should have done like this! What a weird thing, right? My therapist told me the same, instead of using this- show it in your actions. This word is just an imagination which makes people imagine.

So stop this imagination process and kick off this “should”!


It has quite a spectacular meaning behind this word. it was when we were in a conversation- I spoke about my school and I told her that I never paid attention at the lecture and the professor also told me to get attentive in the class, suddenly she prompted in between and suggested me that it shouldn’t be attention seeking but – should be ‘ trying not to disappear’.

This made me a bit confused, later understood the difference. When it comes to a person getting lost in some other world as I was I the class, others complained to pay attention but the real threat was – it shouldn’t happen you disappear in some other world especially for people who’re mentally sick.

8.I am not aware of myself and that’s not illness

It often drives people crazy thinking- have I gone mad?

It was the first question I asked my therapist after the first conversation. She replied with a smile- you wouldn’t ask me this question if you were!

I realized that it was just my prediction and nothing else. No human is so called sick until he makes himself feel.